Air Video

Video Streaming for iPhone and iPod touch

Remote Connection

With Air Video you can access your videos anywhere on the internet. However in order to do that certain conditions must be met:

How to enable remote connection in Air Video Server

Go to Air Video Server preferences Remote tab.

Make sure that the Enable Access from Internet checkbox is enabled.

Make sure that the Automatically Map Port checkbox is enabled.

Click the Test Connection button to see if access from internet works for your setup. If you get any error you can look in the Remote Support log (can be found in Logs tab) to see reason of the problem.

Note that if the connection test fails you will not be able to connect to your computer from internet. Connecting from local network will still work though.

If remote connection does not work and you think it's a problem with Air Video, please see this thread


How to enable remote connection in Air Video client.

Make sure remote connection is enabled in Air Video Server (the previous step).

Click + to Add new Server

Select Enter Server PIN.

Enter the PIN displayed in server properties Remote tab.

Congratulations! Your Air Video is configured for remote access. Don't forget to set a strong server password to enhance the security and protect your files.