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Air Video Server 2.2.6-beta2 released  XML
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Joined: 04/27/2010 22:42:53
Messages: 1

I just bought this application, it work perfectly on windows home server (Mediasmart Server from HP).

I have just one question, is there's a plan, to make a PC application that allow me to watch my video from internet or from an other PC ?

It would be so great to be able to use Air Video on something else than iPhone...

Thanks for you reply

Joined: 08/23/2009 08:49:34
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HotStuff2 wrote:I'm running this latest beta of Air Video, and I have to say, not a single problem on Windows 7 x64 (64-bit.) It does seem a *tad* bit slower to get the video listing and starting the video. I have a LOT of videos, so perhaps that's it with the initial listing. Although when I was running it under Vista x32 (32-bit), it didn't seem to have that slight lag on getting the video listing or starting the video.

Still, it works, and it works well, IMHO.

Being the tech that I am, I'd like to see a changelog (even for the beta software revisions), just out of curiosity...

As far as I can tell there hasn't been any changes to folder listing related code.


Joined: 04/27/2010 21:48:35
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Location: Tampa Bay, FL

I agree, nothing appears to have changed on the Air Video side of things. I'm thinking it's either my perception (I didn't clock it with a stopwatch or anything ), or perhaps there's a difference in the way Windows 7 lists folder contents as compared to Windows Vista.

Right now, on the Windows 7 x64 system, from the time it takes me to start the app on my iPhone 3Gs to the time it lists the two shared folders on the computer (one for "Movies", another for "TV Shows"), looks to be around ~15 seconds. Is that pretty average for everyone, or...? Granted IMO that's not a lot of time, but it seemed faster when I was on Vista x32 (I was also running the released version, not the latest beta, so perhaps that too plays a role in it.)

My laptop is still running Vista SP2 (x64, as pretty much all of my systems are running 64-bit OS now), so I may actually install it and see if there's a noticeable lag in the time it takes to connect to the server and/or list the folder contents. Then again, I could be just splitting hairs.

Actually, ~15 seconds to start/connect/bring up the folder listing isn't that bad, considering that the app actually does (which is, as we know, feed videos to my iPhone so I can watch them on the go.) Now, when I actually go into either my "TV Shows" or "Movies" folder (each of which has several hundred videos, at a minimum), it takes only 5 seconds to show the list, which is much better.

(Not to get off topic or mention a competitor of sorts, but I'm also working on setting up live streaming TV to my iPhone via the Air TV Color app. Kinda wish InMethod would support both stored video files [as it does already] as well as a TV tuner the way Air TV Color does, because that way a.) I'd only need one server app to run, thus meaning not as much memory being used, b.) it'd mean one less port I have to forward on my router [I prefer to manually forward ports, instead of relying on uPNP], and finally c.) Air Video just works flawlessly [disregarding the minor issue of speed I've already mentioned], and I'm sure if you guys implemented that feature it would be a killer app [perhaps it could be named "Air Video Gold", or "Platinum", or something? LOL] Ah well, I'll run both of them for now, each one doing it's job...)

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Joined: 05/01/2010 22:21:47
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FYI for those who don't see their iTunes movies and TV shows (i.e. folder shows zero) after updating iTunes. Just remove those shared folders and add them again with Add iTunes Playlist.

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