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Petition to create a desktop Air Video client for Windows/MAC OSX  XML
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Joined: 05/29/2010 03:37:07
Messages: 4

santiagodraco wrote:
ToeCutter wrote:Help me out here: Why would anyone even need a client for a Windows/Mac desktop?
I stream 1080p via SMB all the time?
This simply isn't required, and would represent a monumental waste of resources, IMHO.

For a lot of reasons.
1. You are on the road and want to access your movies from home. Try running your 1080p movies over a hotel or mobile broadband connection.

That's not going to happen, regardless of the client you intend to use.
2. You are running a lower powered Windows based PC that can't natively handle your 1080p movie playback.

You're going to need a PC that can at least transcode the source video, regardless of what client you intend to use.
3. Your network can't handle the streaming of that 35gb ripped blu-ray.

Apply answer to question one here as well.
4. You want to build a super low cost extender for movie playback in other rooms.

Any media player (VLC, MPC-HC, Mplayer) can stream over a network.
5. The list goes on...

I dunno, these points are pretty weak and seem to focus on 3G streaming, which is fraught with technical networking issues that have little to do with the client and server. And if you're focusing on 3G streaming, you've just reduced the prospective customer base significantly. And I'm just some guy posting in a forum. If you've failed to convince me, it's pretty unlikely you're going to convince a project manager at InMethod in developing a client that end up competing with countless free solutions that do essentially the same thing.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but imo, your opinion is wrong.

You can say I'm wrong, but what will ultimately determine "who's wrong" is whether or not InMethod releases an Air Video client for Windows or Mac, which is a simple risk/reward consideration. There's so much more to consider beyond whether it "could" be done.

Considering they'd be competing with dozens of completely FREE solutions that can do so much more, the risk seems pretty high. It seems highly unlikely they'd dedicate the resources for such a small subset of the market vs. the millions of iPhone/iPad users willing to drop a few bucks in the App Store.

I think it's far more likely they'll improve the product they've already finished. I would like to see .VOB and .ISO support long before I'd vote for a Win/Mac client.

Imagine that tagline in the App Store: Watch DVDs on iPad!

There are many others that share this opinion if you read beyond this thread.

What you (and just about every poster to this thread) has failed to understand is why Air Video is so popular: It's due to the popularity of the platform it supports, as much as for what it does.



Joined: 05/30/2010 21:40:29
Messages: 1

Adding my +1 to this petition. A Mac client would rock, or even a patch to VLC to trigger the on-the-fly conversions.

Joined: 06/01/2010 16:27:10
Messages: 1

I joined just to voice my support - I would LOVE an HTML5 or Mac client. I hope they're reading all of this.

Joined: 06/02/2010 10:02:58
Messages: 4

timinfla2 wrote:I joined just to voice my support - I would LOVE an HTML5 or Mac client. I hope they're reading all of this.

me too! +1

Joined: 06/02/2010 15:35:06
Messages: 1

Count me in.

I came straight here after buying the ipad app and installing the server. This is an awesome application - Thanks!

I think there's an opportunity here - even after reading some posts that suggest there are free ways to do this, I think many people who purchase the app would be happy to find that you also sell a desktop client and look no further.

I would be happy to pay a fair price for a polished solution that looks and acts like what they are already familiar with. I'd also be comforted in knowing that ongoing development of the project is paid and not happening at a snails pace.

In sum, if you make a desktop client, I'd buy it too. I'd also be happy to beta test it when you're ready.

All the best and thanks again for bringing my video library to my mobile life.

Joined: 03/17/2010 15:47:00
Messages: 2

It would be very nice to have a desktop version of the AirVideo player.

One option that I do not think anyone here mentioned would be to have a web version of the program. You could go to http://myhomeipaddress:customport/ and watch your videos in a flash player on any machine that can support flash.


Joined: 06/03/2010 00:03:16
Messages: 6

Joined to say... Me too!! I really really really want a Mac client.

Joined: 06/04/2010 18:10:41
Messages: 2

Count me in.

Have the extra ability to stream media content between machines at home would be great. I prefer to run one service on my server at home.

Joined: 06/14/2010 17:53:58
Messages: 1

I would gladly pay for a mac airvideo client.

Joined: 06/16/2010 15:46:28
Messages: 2

I would also like an air-video client for Windows.

Best, Frank.

Joined: 06/13/2010 18:21:46
Messages: 18

HTML5 player
Plex plugin?

Joined: 06/17/2010 22:06:19
Messages: 17

Just got set up with this AMZING application.

I would very much appreciate a Mac / Winders client. Or just a mac one

This system is amazing. I read elsewhere about someone asking about the ability to stream audio. How AMAZING would that be?

PleasePlease Desktop client, Would HAPPILY pay for it.



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Joined: 07/04/2010 16:26:20
Messages: 2

me too

Joined: 07/05/2010 16:36:49
Messages: 1

Count me in for un Mac version !

Joined: 07/06/2010 16:28:28
Messages: 3

I would purchase additional licenses for a cross platform web-based client interface. I have Windows, Linux and OSX clients that all need some Air Video love!
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