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Jimmy James

Joined: 12/08/2009 18:58:00
Messages: 3

Slackenerny wrote:I'd like the ability to queue all items in a folder


Joined: 01/07/2010 14:07:05
Messages: 1

thanks for the excellent product, really enjoying much!

I'd like to ask an ability to set a custom path where to save the converted files.
I got thousands of movie files with numerous hierarchy and it's such a pain finding converted files if someone offline-converts some of them.

Again, really appreciate, it worths every penny

Joined: 01/09/2010 12:20:04
Messages: 2

I've had this for one day and it's great. I do hope you won't mind my suggestions criticisms and feature requests:

I am running the server on Windows 7

1: There's an issue with the server GUI when the desktop screen is set to 120 DPI rather than the more usual 96 DPI. The buttons are too small for the text, and on some windows the text is clipped. This can be adjusted with Control_Panel(Large_Icons)->Display->Set_Custom_Text_Size = 125% and a restart. You should see the problem straight away. Microsoft recommend any constants setting sizes in windows are multiplied by a floating point scaling factor derived via GetDeviceCaps call.

2: I'd love support for still pictures as well, and the possibility to set up a slide show for folders full of picture files, for sequential and random order playback and also the playback of mp3 music files without having to go through iTunes.

3: The possibiliy to disable the iphone's "tumbnail cache", for converted videos and clear it, and have the option for the software clear it when the "air" program is quit. Reason: To preserve memory, in the iPhone and for privacy.

4: Ability to apply access control or tag a folder with parental control info, and set this up for a particular iPhone client, so it doesn't appear in the list of shared folders if (say) rated less than 18. Alternatively more passwords for the server and ability for folder lists for each password.

We have 3 iPhones and one iPod touch, and two of their users are under 18 years old, so we are restricted what films we can currently share via the server. We could pass protect another server on a different machine but that's more arkward for us.

Otherwise a brilliant piece of sofware which I will be happy to buy for all our iphone/ipod touch devices here. So reasonably priced too and I already bought one.

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Joined: 08/23/2009 08:49:34
Messages: 8705


the thumbnail cache is stored on server, not client. There is no space wasted on iPhone because of thumbnail cache. The other requests are noted of course and we'll consider each one of them.

Joined: 01/06/2010 05:07:49
Messages: 1

Feature Request:

1. (True Landscape and Portrait capabilities) - Normally when watching a movie you device is in landscape position in a cradle or stand. When you movie is over the screen goes back to portrait mode, can we have the menu system do landscape also?
2. (More password flexibility) - It would be nice to setup a password based on a directory, that way I can have adult viewing and kid viewing setup, have a large family with varying ages.
3. (Broader conversion base) - Does your conversion only support iPhone/iTouch? I have a PSP, would be nice if you made a client for that device and also have conversions accordingly.
4. (Server side ability to pull in movies) - I would like the ability to pull in movies to the server for conversion directly from the server, not just the client. A multiple select feature would also be nice as I can only pick one movie at a time, and on the iTouch if your converting a very large library this can take a lot of time.
5. (Ability to modify titles and synopsis) - Would be nice from the client to be able to modify titles and add a synopsis for the movies/tv shows.
6. (Multiple conversions at once) - Would be nice to have a feature to allow the process of multiple files at once for conversion, should be a selectable feature for those that have hardware that can support the multi threading.
7. (Scheduler for conversions) - Another nice feature would be to allow the setting of times for the conversion to take place. I have a large group at my house that use this product and it prevents me from doing conversions during peak periods. It would be nice if I could select a file to be converted and then say start at a later time. So in other words a scheduler.
8. (Add Tag words w/search) - Would be nice to able to assign key words to files, and then be able to have a search function to locate those key words.
9. (Serve Music also) - It would also be nice to serve up music, why not make this a true multi media server, would love to have guest enter my home and be able to share movies and music with them. Do not have to have the ability to save the files down but to buffer and play would suffice.

I do not want you to think with all the suggestions I made that I am not pleased with the product, far from the truth! In my house hold we all have iTouch and iPhones, thats some 10 plus folks alone. On Christmas week between family and friends we must have bought 20 licenses during that week alone. Absolutely was the solution to all the different programming needs I had with ages 5 - 60 years of age. So I think your product is fantastic, love that you put the cost on the client side too and not the server, smart move. Now when someone visits I recommend your product. I even direct them to the place in iTunes store. So hats off to you all for a fantastic product! I am however trying to convert all by DVDs and am having to use another product because of the multiple streams capability. Setup your system with the features of the product like Wondershare and your server will be complete. Anyway you have at least one die hard fan, I will be staying with your product for quite some time to come, thank you!



Joined: 12/25/2009 02:24:48
Messages: 189
Location: Eugene

glazzaro wrote:3. (Broader conversion base) - Does your conversion only support iPhone/iTouch?

The conversion format is open (H.264/ACC); it's not somehow limited to iPhone/iTouch playback.
I have a PSP, would be nice if you made a client for that device and also have conversions accordingly.

Theoretically a PSP (Android, et. al.) developer could write mobile clients that communicate with Air Video Server.

InMethod might have reasons for wanting to be the exclusive AV client developer (e.g. because the server is freely available), but to me different parties possibly writing multi-platform clients seems more in the spirit of open server/client development than relying on a single party to do it.

Air Video 2.4.13 (iPad 2, iPhone 3GS [iOS 6.1.3]), Air Video Server 2.4.6-beta3u2 (Mac mini [Early 2009, OS X 10.8.4]), 802.11g/n WLAN
Jozef Remen

Joined: 01/11/2010 08:48:29
Messages: 2

Subtitles support: would it be possible to have and ability to move subtitles BELOW the actual video, if the format is wide screen? I know that currently the subtitles are burned into the stream, but to have subtitles under the video would be much better.

Also (but I have read you are working on it), limiting bandwith should be implemented as well. We want to stream videos over 3G (with the help of VPN, of course ), so bandwith limit is absolute must.

Joined: 08/23/2009 08:49:34
Messages: 8705


unfortunately the subtitles have to be hardcoded in the video stream. Otherwise there are unresolvable sync issues. The only way to move subtitles below video would be to extend video size to match iPhone aspect ratio, but that would make the zoom feature of player unusable.

The bandwidth limitation will be significantly improved in next client update.

Joined: 01/11/2010 21:54:22
Messages: 4

Here are a couple of suggestions that might be able to improve this already outstanding product:

1) DVD support. I realize that there is unofficial VOB support, but how about providing live conversion of a DVD in the drive? Pop a DVD in your computer's drive then go climb in bed and watch it on your iPod / iPhone.

2) How about a form of screen streaming? If this was done well, it could allow for watching of a NetFlix Instant View video over the wifi connection.

In any event, keep up the great work! This is a fantastic app.

Joined: 01/11/2010 23:46:47
Messages: 5

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD MP3 support!!! I love this app to death, it's how I watch all my tv now... But I wad looking to take all my media from my phone off completeely, would save some 7 gigs of music I have on it, if I could get mp3s to play just the same as the videos do... It would soooo tap into the simplify media market which is now the piorneer and I stongly belive this would steal thier sales, I'd even pay for the update so long ad it's cheaper than simplify media! Lol, which is at 4.99 now! Rip off!!!

Also, i understand from Reading the forum that indexing is an issue not to be trifeled with, it was the pitfall of vista and wouldn't help The wonderful speed of air video now, but perhaps hopefully that wouldn't stop air video producing some sort of playlist capability... So The app could atomatically start buffeting the next item on the listBas soon as the current one is finished, save me getting up , also if mp3s are supported this would obviously add to it's usabiltiy in that way... You would own app store if you added this feature and kepRt your app below 3 quid... Please please please mp3!!!!!!

Joined: 01/16/2010 22:40:47
Messages: 1

Stream to PS3 and use the iPhone as a remote? Would be cool

Joined: 01/17/2010 04:12:41
Messages: 2

- ability to shut down pc remotely
- Reading .txt files, the problem is it can contain different formats, but I assume format is not recognized by extension
- playlists/bookmarks
- more video formats available

anyway this app is great for me as it is.
thank you

Joined: 01/20/2010 16:30:10
Messages: 1

This is truly an amazing piece of software. Whenever I show it off to a friend or colleague, their jaw literally drop to the floor. Cudos!

That being said, there are still a few features that could be added to make it just that much better. Most of these have already been mentioned, but I wanted to cast my vote as well. Here is my top-ten requests in order of importance:

1 - Ability to download converted videos for offline viewing.
2 - Ability to queue all videos in a folder for offline conversion (or at least an indication in the folder view which shows which videos are currently queued, like the "converted" tag)
3 - Remember the last viewed folder when restarting the application.
4 - Multiple server login accounts/passwords.
5 - Buffering progress bar.
6 - Control where converted files are stored (I have a huge video collection and I would rather Air Video *not* store its converted files right next to the original).
7 - Possibility of seeing the list of all offline converted files (this should/could be cached on the server for fast access)
8 - VOB file support (better yet, IFO parsing so that all VOBs can be played and in the correct order)
9 - Adaptive bit-rate based on network performance.
10 - Music support.

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alan sh

Joined: 01/09/2010 13:59:29
Messages: 14

I think what I would really like is for the client to be able to cache the server password - maybe hold it for 7 days or some customisable time. It's irritating every time I restart it to have to put in a password.


Joined: 08/23/2009 08:49:34
Messages: 8705

Client forgetting the password is a bug which should be fixed in next update (has already been submitted for review)
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