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Plex might be a better app than Air Video  XML
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Joined: 03/17/2010 03:02:17
Messages: 41

As with many of you , I'm frustrated that Air Video has not been upgraded or new features added in a year. I stumbled upon this really cool app called Plex. It has many of the features we have requested from inmethod. It has movie covers and also plays your iTunes library.
You may want to check it out. I'm using it more that air video, being that we keep hearing new updates are coming but they refuse to let us know the ETA or anything else.

Check it out, it's pretty cool. It's called Plex

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Joined: 08/23/2009 08:49:34
Messages: 8705

Ignoring the fact that it is not very appropriate to post references to products like this, I don't want to give ETAs because all estimations I have given so far were quite wrong. What I can give you is the current state of things

The new client is ready for public beta.
We're working on the server currently, trying to get it shape so that we can start shipping it. At this point it mostly involves getting the configuration user interface done and packaging it. There are many new features in the software, but we don't want to go to details before we start with beta.

Joined: 03/17/2010 03:02:17
Messages: 41

As with most business , you have to continue to improve your product or someone else will fill the void. That is what is happening to you.People have asked you time and time again about the status of updates and every time you give vague responses on new features and time frames. In the meantime others have figured it out and released their product.The guy that usually invents something doesn't make the money, it's the guy that improves it that is successful. Look at Henry Ford as an example of that. He didn't invent the auto, but he improved it so that the masses could afford it.
Air Video is an awesome app, one of my favorites, but lets face it, it's been a long time since you have released any improvements. The longer you take allows others to take your customers . As a consumer my loyalty is to whoever is going to give me the best features on the products I buy.
That is business 101.

Joined: 12/25/2009 02:24:48
Messages: 189
Location: Eugene

A couple points applicable to many software companies:

Source: Our business principles - DEVONtechnologies

• We communicate many of our plans and intentions; for development and competitive reasons, we don't communicate all of them.
• We do not communicate release dates as unforeseen problems may cause delays.

Anyone who doesn't like how and what InMethod communicates with customers is free to take their business elsewhere.

Air Video 2.4.13 (iPad 2, iPhone 3GS [iOS 6.1.3]), Air Video Server 2.4.6-beta3u2 (Mac mini [Early 2009, OS X 10.8.4]), 802.11g/n WLAN

Joined: 01/13/2012 12:25:22
Messages: 6

sjk wrote:
Anyone who doesn't like how and what InMethod communicates with customers is free to take their business elsewhere.

well i have to have plex and happy, as it also does live streaming of dreambox too bigger community and also normal users can help with the development

Joined: 01/04/2013 16:36:57
Messages: 6

I really don't like Plex thanks to the slowness and instability, which is probably due to the size of my video library.

In fact, I love AVS because it's a simple video player without all the video info scraping, thumbs and what not that do nothing but slow down the app and make it unstable.

If there's anything I wish for with regards to AVS, it's that it doesn't become like Plex -- I have a large XBMC library to manage, I don't need another one on my iPhone/iPad... >:(

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Joined: 08/11/2013 06:22:38
Messages: 1

Late addition, but I must agree with folks that are talking about Plex.

There was a bit of a learning curve using Plex, but this is what I was looking for. A cross platform program. It works on my android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7, Windows 7, OSX, Samsung S4, etc).

I have been waiting for AirVideo to come to Android for a long time. I wanted something everyone in my family can access. I guess Plex is currently a great alternative. So far I have no problems streaming over wi-fi or LTE.

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