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darcilicious wrote:Just finished converting a relatively small .ts file. I can play it in Quicktime on the computer but the iPhone app says: This movie format is not supported.

Also, any thoughts on the above?

(Working on generating a log file but right now the beta server is so flakey I can't get it to the point of trying a live conversion of a .ts file; I've had as many as five ffmpeg processes running which pretty much locked up my computer)
Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

Regarding 3G streaming -- I'm comparing the performance of Air Video with another streaming server/application for the iPhone and it seems to handle 3G connections more or less automatically, transcoding to an acceptable bit-rate for varying connection speeds.

I re-encoded a ~330MB xvid file at the lowest resolution possible and still couldn't get it to stream over 3G without stalling after about a minute -- is this something you'll be improving upon? Or should I just plan on sticking with the other software for 3G streaming?

Regarding my .ts files, as stated they were recorded from the Hauppauge HD-PVR which uses the ArcSoft encoder. I'll send you the logfile shortly.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the quick reply.

Upload is around 700kbs. DL bandwidth from wifi is around 1.5 to 2mbs.

I've decreased the quality, same result.

Thing is I get a msg on the app saying the computer might not be fast enough to transcode? But files which are not transcoded suffer the same faith (ie. it stops every 5 seconds.
Yeah dude I would imagine that since Airvideo's compression will start to push your CPU if you had hardware issues it would lead to a BSOD. Try a prime95 test and see what happens.
I agree there are many options available to stream... even ORB is a possible solution. If I were the developer I would looking into working my app into the apple tv (or other various consoles) platform
Shouldn't the live conversion work on my iPhone 3G now that I've updated the software to 3.0 or is the live conversion only available on the 3GS phones?
Sorry, forgot to mention, I'm running Win 7 RTM 64-bit on an Intel i7-920. Could be to do with the drivers and I'm checking for an update in that regard. I have a Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard with everything integrated. There's a Windows Update that wants to downgrade my network drivers from NDIS 6.20 to 6.0 (don't know why) but I haven't installed that so I'm currently running the NDIS 6.20 driver that installs from Win 7.

This is definately a BSOD - didn't catch the numbers though.
Works perfectly so far! Tested with beginning/seek, and add to conversion queue! (Well, conversion queue is still going, but it didn't just drop out immediately before like it used to)

On a separate note, I've tracked down the author of the WMAPro patch for ffmpeg and am working with him to see how to get it compiled in. That would of course alleviate my particular codec problem, but the feature is still useful i believe!

Thanks so much for an amazing turnaround! And very slick how you serve up config options from the server

(Btw you might have to mail me on time sensitive requests, it doesn't seem i'm always getting forum notifications)
Ok!! I think I have sussed what the issue is. When I register with the likes of DYNDNS, NO-IP and then setup a host name, that host name is sync'd with my routers current IP. But as soon as my router changes it's IP address the connection is broken.

Am I doing something stupid?
Win XP, Latest iPhone and Itunes software. I am getting the same problem on my itouch using the older air video software. Before the last major update, it worked perfectly on both devices.
mogway wrote:Streaming over 3G works here for me. IP changes, I use dyndns.org, are not cached by my iPhone.


Thanks Michael (Mogway), I have downloaded dyndns, so will see if this offers a more stable connection.
Scene selector is maybe misuse. I thought about strip of single frames from video (lets say a frame from every 2mins of video file).
Hi, I have had success getting my airvideo to work using my 3g connection, but the problem is come the next day, it fails to connect with an error message of Communication error unexpected end of data.

I have setup No-Ip on my home PC, so connection to it first time works. But the next day, it will no longer connect and I cannot get a reconnection. If I were to create a new host on no-ip, then connect my PC to that, re-add the server on my phone - it works fine?????

Does the phone retain some address details? Can these be cleared down anywhere..?
It works fine, didn't try it with the beta

Some noticeable problems:
If the files located on the MAC, everything is fine

If the files located on the DVB receiver hard disk it takes a long time to generate the thumbnails (IEE 1394-G Network between). I think the Air Video server is to transfer the whole file to create the thumbnails and i got a timeout after some minutes. The normal file sizes about 2-9 GB. My test file is about 215MB ... 5 minutes recording.

While the thumbnail generates it starts many ffmpeg processes:

After a few minutes there are 15 ffmpeg tasks!

In the directory is only one MPEG-TS movie:


I would suggest VLC here, "videolan" as one example. You can set it up to stream from computer to comptuer and it plays pretty much everything. I'm sure thre are a ton of other suitable choices as well, like Windows Media Player newer versions can do it as well I believe.
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