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Messages posted by: JazJon
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Author Message
Thanks for the update.
Keep up the good work, I look forward to a more polished ready to go Windows Air Video client.
dmerkle wrote:Tried the task but wasn't working well for WHS v1. Will keep this in mind when I move to v2. Waiting for a drive pool solution

For WHS V1 use AnyService installer. Check it out here


makes life easier!

Any yeah WHS 2011 rocks. I'm beta testing StableBit DrivePool. (great drive extender replacment) so far so good, jump in when beta M3 comes in in week or two. (will support default Videos share, indexing etc)

I have both AirVideo, StreamToMe, and uTorrent running as a 24/7 scheduled task.
The service option is ok for WHS V1 but for Windows Home Server 2011 it's MUCh easier to just setup a Scheduled Task that runs 24/7
(I'd imagine this works fine in ANy flavor of windows actually)

WHS 2011: (windows 7 see bottom)

Server Manager (near start menu)
-Drill down to, Configuration, Task Scheduler
-click Create Task. (not the Basic one)
-Give it name, click Run whether user is logged in or not, configure for Windows 7, 2008

Triggers Tab
-New, (drop down menu) Begin the task at startup, click ok

Actions Tab
-New, Start a program, Browse (to .exe) click ok

Conditions Tab
-Uncheck the box that says to Stop the task if ran for 3 days. (so it runs forever)

Back to General Tab
-Click ok and it will prompt for Administrator password

Click "Task Scheduler Library" (right underneath "Task Scheduler" in Server Manage)

Run it ! (should work when you reboot too) I see my programs I've picked running in task manager, so far so good!)

Win 7? : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/schedule-a-task
tenya wrote:
JazJon wrote:I'm still waiting for a Windows client to view videos. Air Video and StreamToMe are both excellent but neither one will let me watch my videos on my Windows Laptop? Come-on, please?

The client exists. See page 10 and 11 of this thread.

Oh ! Good, I'll install the Beta AirVideo server, and try out the client thanks.

I guess this thread morphed into something behind just a Petition, and members are being proactive themselves. (awesome)
I'm still waiting for a Windows client to view videos. Air Video and StreamToMe are both excellent but neither one will let me watch my videos on my Windows Laptop? Come-on, please?
HotStuff2 wrote:Well, Air Video will actually feed out the video file as a proper web server does, if you know the port it's running on, and the name of the video. All you have to do is type the address in your browser, followed by the port, then the share name, then the file name, i.e.:


(45631 is the default port number; if you've changed it, obviously that would be different in the address.)

Thus it seems to me that an HTML5 web-based app shouldn't be terribly difficult to do; as said, though, the conversion process, if needed, might be a little tricky.

It looks like you're onto something there. I think an HTML5 web-based app would be universally perfect! +1 (Windows, but prefer the Universal option presented above)
I'm still hoping a Windows Client is in the works. AirVideo works SO well and nobody can even touch the simplicity/speed/reliability.
Orb is too clunky, and is not Windows Home Server friendly.

I would love to be able to watch my video collection from a friends computer. The iphone is great, but can't really share it at a friends house etc.
Just google NT Wrapper.


The free version let's you do one app. (which is all you need)
I got it working with NT Wrapper. I noticed that I need to restart my WHS before it works though. I'm using Remote Desktop via Administrator to log in, installed Air Video, NT Wrapper, Got the service to run, set the service to run as Administrator. Everything works, but if I log into Remote Desktop as Administrator, then log off, Air Video wont load again until I reboot the whole WHS. Is this normal? I tried clicking a few of the boxes that are supposed to keep the service running no matter what but maybe i missed it? It's not that big of a deal since I rarely need to log into WHS but I wanted to get it all working right if possible.

EDIT, never mind, after rebooting, I logged back into WHS via Remote Desktop as Administrator, logged off, and Air Video is still working great!
I too am a new WHS user (HP MediaSmart EX495) Please add native service/WHS support in the near future if possible, that would be great. For now I'll give these NTwrapper instructions a shot and hopefully can get Air Video to work too.

I have some helpful troubleshooting advice when it comes to Bonjour related network connection problems. I experienced iPhone Remote not being able to find my Windows based iTunes PC's. After searching around, and testing I found out it was a LINKSYS router problem.


If you reset your linksys router back to factory defaults bonjour network issues will vanish for a few days. (then comes back) My long term solution was to install the http://DD-WRT.com open firmware on my WRT610 router. Not only is internet performance MUCH faster, but all Bonjour related hiccups are gone for good.
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