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Messages posted by: ciguli
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Toz wrote:Before my first post, I just wanted to say: Even as it is, Air Video is the best 3 dollars I spent after getting my new iPad. Thanks.

So back to my post, I installed the new beta server and tried out some anime mkv files and I am having trouble with the subtitles. Every time there is drastic movement on screen like someone getting falcon punched in the face, the subtitles and the area around it goes haywire with loads of pixellated artifacts which follow the on screen movement. Reverting back to the previous server fixes this problem.

I also hope styled subtitles are possible in the future(I understand this will increase CPU requirements).

I've got the same problem with the new version. The subtitles become all pixellated when there is movement.

In addition to that, the audio crackles, too
Since I have updated from beta 6 to beta 7 on my Windows PC, the movies started to buffer very often on my local network. Going back to beta6 fixes the problem immediately. Any ideas why the latest version does that?

p.s: The test environment on beta 6 & 7 is the same: I play the same file on the same Windows PC connected to the same network...
Admin wrote:Update has been submitted to Apple already.

Still not in the App Store.

When was the update submitted?
ciguli wrote:İ have the same problem. Beta-6 works fine though...

I was wrong. Going back to beta-6 didn't help. I'm still having the same problem :/
İ have the same problem. Beta-6 works fine though...
Nope, happens all the time with the live conversion.
I was using beta-6 without any issues at all. However, as soon as I upgraded to beta-7, air video's time bar started to get stuck while playing a video. The movie keeps playing fine, but the progress bar stops at some point, so whenever I pause and resume my movie, it goes back where it stopped. Any ideas? Btw. I also upgraded the java on my computer; don't know if it could cause this...
SimoxTa wrote:Could it be possible to let the GPU helps the CPU in transcoding? (Like many media players do these days if i'm not wrong). I actually have an Athlon Neo N36L (1.3Ghz Dual Core) + and ATI 6450 and looking at the log I reach only 17 FPS on live conversion

That would help a lot as most PCs are equipped with powerful GPUs.
When is a stable release due? And what features or fixes will be included?

Thank you
Admin wrote:
That should be plenty for live conversion. Can you post here the live conversion log?

Admin wrote:
Well, you can try downgrading the server version. The client doesn't have anything to do with how fast the transcoding is. Just out of curiosity, what CPU do you have?

Macbook Unibody 5,1
2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo
8 GB mem.
Admin wrote:Different people have different reasons for buffering problems. If your FPS is around 15 and CPU load 100%, it's quite clear that your CPU can't keep up with the conversion. Unfortunately there's not much to fix in this case, your computer is just too slow.

The same computer was fast enough to live stream the same file before the server and client updates. I am sure this is due to one of the server version updates...
I did... Still same pausing in every 15-20 seconds.

My fps is around 15 and CPU is always above %100. It seems like my computer cannot keep up with the live conversion as the fps seems to be low. But the interesting thing is that I was able to live stream the very same file a few weeks ago. Since then, other than the air video client and server versions, I haven't changed anything both on my computer and ipad2.

When I first started to use this software, I was amazed by its stability. Now, I am really sad that it is no longer useful to me :/ It seems like a lot of people are having this issue; I hope that it gets fixed as soon as possible...
I have the same issue, too.

Pausing has recently started. Probably after the latest client and server updates. Now I have the pausing on *all* videos. As others noted, my ipad2 has this problem; iphone 4 is fine...
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