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Messages posted by: mitch1
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As with most business , you have to continue to improve your product or someone else will fill the void. That is what is happening to you.People have asked you time and time again about the status of updates and every time you give vague responses on new features and time frames. In the meantime others have figured it out and released their product.The guy that usually invents something doesn't make the money, it's the guy that improves it that is successful. Look at Henry Ford as an example of that. He didn't invent the auto, but he improved it so that the masses could afford it.
Air Video is an awesome app, one of my favorites, but lets face it, it's been a long time since you have released any improvements. The longer you take allows others to take your customers . As a consumer my loyalty is to whoever is going to give me the best features on the products I buy.
That is business 101.
You all may want to check out an app called Plex. It has many features that Air Video is unable or unwilling to add.
Check it out. It's called Plex
As with many of you , I'm frustrated that Air Video has not been upgraded or new features added in a year. I stumbled upon this really cool app called Plex. It has many of the features we have requested from inmethod. It has movie covers and also plays your iTunes library.
You may want to check it out. I'm using it more that air video, being that we keep hearing new updates are coming but they refuse to let us know the ETA or anything else.

Check it out, it's pretty cool. It's called Plex
Is this the best we can expect to get from you. You keep saying that improvement are coming, yet when somebody ask you the ETA, you don't respond. Apple has made some updates in Apple TV , yet you seem to have not kept up. This has caused streaming to Apple TV slower. Can you please explain what improvement you have planned and when we can expect them. In the past you have always responded to Apple's updates with updates of you own, now they are few and far between
Home shairing does not work for me. I think the problem has to do with bonjour and iTunes 10.5
I'm having the same problem as Ratbat. I have spent a lot of time with apple trying to solve this. After ios5 my home shairing drops all the time. It also drops my devices. I think this is all related to bonjour and iOS 5 . This is just another screwup by apple. After a great deal of back and forth, Apple said that an update was forthcoming , but they blame it on anti virus. I don't think Apple has a clue that they messed up Bonjour.
Should I reinstall apple bonjour, and where, thanks for you help
I have a d-link dir-825. It's suppose to be one of the best. I just updated the firmware the other day. I also have windows 7 64bit.I think I have my firewall setup correctly and don't have any third party firewalls
Perhaps when the new iso comes out, some of the bugs will get worked out. It's just that I dont experience the same issues with iTunes and other apps. I've had more network issues with the last update than I've had with prior versions.
Ever since I've updated the the latest server client, it seems I have more problems then before, air play is very buggy, I keep getting network drops and now this morning wifi worked just fine but tonight unable to connect to wifi but I can through remote. This is very frustrating. As soon as I close out the client and then reopen, it will work just fine. I know the problem has to do with the network, but I have other apps that are cloud based yet they have no network problems. Your last update seems to have created more problems then it solved. From your responses to others you seem to be quick to blame the problems on everybody's network and firewalls. I would expect that you would be able to make the app works with everybodys networks. Why does your app seem to always get blocked by firewalls yet zumo cast and image bank, apps that work basically the same way, don't have the problems that your app does. I'm sick and tired of having to try to figure out what my firewall is doing.Please update your app so that it over rides windows stupid security and firewalls so that I don't have to. I love your app, but these bugs are starting to get frustrating.
Still no reply
It seems that when you are using air video with apple tv and airplay, autoplay next file causes air video to crash. Any reason for this. I'm using newest app and client
Never mind
The client is 2.4.5 bata, where is 2.4.9 or 2.4.8 that is see posts referring to?
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