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Messages posted by: santiagodraco
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Money is money. Would an android version of AirVideo make money? Hell yes. Is it already done on IOS? Yes. Would it make financial sense to build it on Android? I'd think so.

This isn't a new app with unknown potential that the developer has to CHOOSE a platform. It's already done on one, it's time to build on another.
We really need an actual AirVideo client for Android. Mirage is "ok" but it doesn't properly talk to Airvideo so files aren't converted in realtime properly and you get very stuttery playback on HD videos. AirVideo running on iOS doesn't have this issue.

I'm not sure why inmethod refuses to product such a client or even discuss it but there's a huge demand for it out there including a very large base of customers who purchased on iOS but moved to Android for a better platform.

Please produce an Android version.

pds6 wrote:@ edrikk - "You should not down-sample your originals so far down ... "

If this was address to my setting, all I can tell you is that hundreds of movies look great on my iPhone, Touch, iPad, and both my 55 inch and 50 inch televisions via Apple TV.

It's fast, no error messages and looks great without issue across all my platforms.

Sorry for the late reply folks but I do have to agree with edrikk, and as a general rule to ALL users out there, you should not rip to the lowest common denominator. While you may think it "looks great on your 55 inch lcd" I can assure you that on my 55 movies converted to support an ipod format or even ipad native don't look even close to as clean and crisp as a movie stored in it's native 1080p (if say ripped from Blu-Ray).

Also this forum is about AirVideo. AirVideo eliminates the need to remove quality from your source movies in order to play them since it converts on the fly.

Always leave your source in as high a resolution (closest to the source) as you can afford (storage cost is higher for example) and let the AirVideo server send the video stream in the format you require. This way when you DO want to playback on your 55 inch lcd tv you wont have to sacrifice quality.

Not an attack, just best practice.
Awire360 wrote:
Cactus Jack wrote:Just found Air Video, and it's a great app. Only been trying it for a few hours, and already I have a couple of feature requests. If these have already been discussed, my apologies; I didn't find anything in searches.

1. UPnP support. It would be great to be able to stream from a UPnP enabled NAS, with no need for a PC or server software.

2. Support ISO containers. This too would be a great addition, IMO, at least!


Air Video already supports UPnP.

What do you think converts the video to playback on the iPhone? The Nas drive is nowhere near powerfull enough to convert videos yet alone HD videos. That is why you need a pc application.

ISO containers would be cool.

UPnP has nothing whatsoever to do with converting videos. Where did you get your info? UPnP is a discovery protocol for network based devices and services.

Also to my knowledge Air Video is NOT UPnP compatable, so I second the suggestion of the original poster (Jack) and that we also add support for DNLA.

I also second the suggestion to support ISO files.

Good suggestions Jack!
AppleTV is suited for playback of a stream, not the creation of a stream for other sources.

Also since AppleTV is not a server and has no storage it really makes no sense to use it as such. Stand up a nice Windows Home Server and cross your fingers that we'll see the Airvideo player on AppleTV.

Of course considering the playback limitations of AppleTV there are better alternatives especially if you are looking for full HDTV.
Video's in RAR files is pretty pointless. Videos AND CBR (for example) are already compressed. All this type of feature would do is unnnecessarily slog down Airvideo server and not achieve any worthwhile benefit.

The only reason you have RAR files is because you've been downloading them from pirate sources anyway Just unpack them like you should and you'd be fine.
I'd love to see the AVS as a DNLA or other standard streaming server to be used for streaming to devices other than iThings. I'd also pay for such a server.

It's difficult as hell to find a decent streaming server that supports the range of formats that AVS does and with such great quality.

Any chance of seeing something like this in the future?

digitlnoize wrote:Disagree with this guy 100%.

Maybe it's his computer? AirVideo looks gorgeous on my iPad.

You may be right! Maybe he needs to actually turn it on. He's probably seeing one huge black pixel on his screen thinking it's Air Video running a movie...
He reminds me of those shills hired by competitor companies to try to discredit the competition on forums.

Of course he should probably learn his job a bit better. Generally it's better to make statements that are even passingly reasonable than the utter bullshit this guy has posted.
ToeCutter wrote:Help me out here: Why would anyone even need a client for a Windows/Mac desktop?

I stream 1080p via SMB all the time?

This simply isn't required, and would represent a monumental waste of resources, IMHO.

For a lot of reasons.

1. You are on the road and want to access your movies from home. Try running your 1080p movies over a hotel or mobile broadband connection.
2. You are running a lower powered Windows based PC that can't natively handle your 1080p movie playback.
3. Your network can't handle the streaming of that 35gb ripped blu-ray.
4. You want to build a super low cost extender for movie playback in other rooms.
5. The list goes on...

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but imo, your opinion is wrong.
Please delete this thread. Really, it's one thing to have real constructive criticism, it's quite another to allow bullshit jackasses (sorry but crap like this makes me angry!) to have a voice.

My Movies / MediaBrowser style browsing.

Essentially the ability to read the metadata from movie folders in the embedded xml files created by MyMovies as well as the movie artwork. Then display this info for the movie when it is selected from the list pane rather than simply loading a screenshot of the movie itself.
Awesome, thanks.

Spent last night falling asleep watching converted 1080p movies Fun stuff.

Considering the extra room the iPad screen provides, it would be nice to have a wider pane for the file list display. Right now longer file names are clipped off and it's hard to tell which file is which in a multi file folder (such as with television episodes. Perhaps there can be a button at the top, near the refresh button, to allow for that pane to say double in width or go back to it's current default size.

Lol. Well I kinda feel the same way. Great app and finally one that really deserves being paid for. You guys really have done a great job.

Now, I'd really love to see a windows player! I"m not sure the iPad is my long term device and some of the new tablets coming out later in the year look pretty good, like the Slate, so a Windows player would be awesome.

Setting that aside, great job, keep it up!
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