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Messages posted by: mitch1
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Author Message
Everything works great. This morning I downloaded and reinstalled. Everything works perfectly.
This is my favorite App, Really love the Air play.
Your Website is down. I'm unable to download the windows server. Any reason for this ? Very frustrating, I'm trying to rebuild my computer and I never figured that your site would be down.
The movies play differently on the iPhone than the iPad, both units have the mst current iso, the iPhone still has the "fit to screen " icon, but the iPad doesn't. The iPhone plays all mp4 videos in tv mod, but the iPad will only play them on the iPad but not in tv mod. Like said this app works perfectly befoe and works perfectly now on the iPhone. We still don't have the Auto play working properly, how can you say that it is a firmware problem and not an app issue?
Tv out works now but the screen ratios are all off.My 6x4 movies are smaller than the screen and my 16x9 movies are 6x4. This is only a problem on the iPad. My iPhone the movies are displayed in the correct ratio. When you update the app do you test it? How come we have to continue to go back and forth every time there is an update. This app worked perfectly before iOS 4 . Can I please have that version? Everytime you update you change features that worked perfectly before, why?
How come it is taking so long for the update and bug fixes? Most of my other apps have fixed their issues. What's taking so long?
Discovered another issue with auto play. When auto play is selected in options, if you scroll down in the folder, if you select a video 4 or 5 down it play the next video, not the video you selected
Also during auto play on the iPhone , the control panel remains on the screen when it switches to the next video
Updated both the iPhone 3GS and the iPad to os 4.2
Auto play does not work on the iPad, as soon as air video finishes one video and it switches to the next video, you get an error message and then air video crashes and returns to the home screen.
It seems to work on the iPhone though.
Also tv out works with the iPhone but not with the ipad. Auto play does not work on the iPhone in tv out mode
Looking forward to a quick fix,this is my most used app.Other than that air video,except for these bugs seems to work faster on the new ios
Any idea when we will get this update. I don't want to update to the new iso until air video is updated, but could use the new features on other apps. Please hurry.
That fixed it. I had to restart my computer and restart my router ,but after that no problems. Now I'm in the process of figuring what is the best bit rate for constent streaming, so far with the higher bit rates checked, video pauses after about 30 seconds.
Thanks for the update. I think I have figured out this app (great app! ) Under wifi it appears to work perfect, but with a 3g connection, I get just audio. I have played with the global settings and have checked and unchecked different bit rates. with the lower bit rates, the picture is pixalized. If I uncheck the lower bit rates and check some of the higher bit rates, the video starts and then within seconds,the picture goes black, with only the audio playing. I have noticed that in this update 64 bits is checked and cannot be unchecked. In past updates, unchecking the 64 bit solved this problem. Also local wifi and remote wifi have 64 bits unckecked and works perfectly and the videos look very sharp. Is it a mistake the 64 bits is checked in 3g ? Can we uncheck it?

P.S, Thanks for autoplay of next file.
Will this be fixed soon. What are you doing to get TV to work again?
On the Ipad this feature does not work. It would be nice to have this feature and a switch to disable it in you wanted to.
If you have an Ipad, You should update the server to 2.2.7 bata. Streaming of large files works better now
The iphone works fine, The pad because it is more powerful, requires different settings. If you set the max resolution 1024 X768 you must have a fast processor, The router must also be powerful enough to handle the stream. As far as the bitrate, I had to just play with them to get the right combo so that the videos willl stream with out any loss of quality or pause. The lower the resolution of the video the less problems will happen. The higher the resolution of the video the more cpu power is needed. Hope this helps
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