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Messages posted by: macman104
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Great thanks, and yes, it may even be 8gb, couldn't quite remember off-hand.

I've seen a few threads regarding higher speed dual core vs. slower speed quad core. Any thoughts? Like I said, we are currently considering either an i5 or i7, last I looked somewhere in the 2.9-3.1GHz range.

Hi thank you for the information. So could you possibly offer some recommendation of configurations, especially given the access by multiple users at once?

How does memory play a role? I think we are looking at a 4gb system right now.

Just looking for some guidance so we can do this once and get it right
I am looking to purchase a computer (with possibly some customization of the internals) for dedicated streaming of my airvideo client. I do have 1080p videos that I would like the computer to be able to handle (though a fair amount are not).

I think the biggest factor that I'd like help considering is that we sometimes have multiple (3-5) people all utilizing air video at once. So the ability to serve video (most are live conversions) at once will be important here.

The videos will in general be hosted on external drives connected by USB 3.0 connections to the computer.

A few questions:

In general will CPU or available memory be the deciding factor for pushing through 1080p live conversion content?
We are currently looking at an i5 or i7 processor, any other thoughts or suggestions for the CPU?

I think right now it will come with 6 or 8GB of memory, sufficient? How important is the internal HDs speed and buffer?

Any other factors we should be considering when deciding on our new server PC configuration?
I have folders that have 400+ listings in them that load without a problem, so I think there is something on your end, or possibly your connection.
Admin wrote:It does, but in certain conditions it is tricky to do because there is certain lag associated with bitrate switching that the player may mistake for network slowdown. So in some cases it is best to force certain bitrate. We're working on improving this.
I've also noticed certain issues with this where in the process of switching the bitrate when multiple values are selected that the audio gets out of sync. Stopping the video (via choosing "Done", not pausing), then reloading the video seems to always resolve this.
Just popping in to see if there is any news on this? Have you been able to confirm this is a bug? As I indicated, it only happens with AirVideo, no other video/audio app experience this issue.

Thank you
I was just wondering if there has been any progress on this update? I was about to embark on a major organization of some files, and if this update is being planned so, then I may hold-of until that happens.

I would really love for AirVideo to be able to follow windows shortcuts so I can organize my movies into multiple categories.

Thanks for this app, it's been just awesome, have convinced most my family members to go out and buy it too

BTW, I revived this thread, as it seemed to be the most recent in my search regarding this matter.
Ok, I ran some test with a family member of mine.

Once the phone is ringing, you must wait roughly 7-9 seconds to pick up the phone, if you pick up the phone before the audio comes back in the audio does not come back, and playing resumes normally after the phone call is done.
The issue only seems to happen when playing with live conversion. If I use the same mp4 file and play directly and not through live conversion the issue doesn't happen at all, no matter how long I wait to pick up the phone.
If the audio is playing in the background, switching to speakerphone, silences the background audio. If you then turn off the speakerphone the audio comes back in and you can hear it again.

I have also confirmed this happening on an iPhone 4, iOS 6.0 (possibly 6.0.1)
I will test it out tonight with a family member. Is this reproducible for anyone else besides me?

I guess I would be confused why it is an issue in iOS as other video/audio apps correctly pause when I get a phone call (pandora, youtube, hulu) to name a few.

I am using airvideo on my iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1. When I am playing a video and get a phone call, the video pauses temporarily, but then once I pick up the phone call, the audio continues playing in the background. Is this a known issue?

Thanks for possibly the most useful app I have on my iPhone!

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