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Messages posted by: Phoenixxl
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Admin wrote:If you manually specify the IP address does it work?

Well there seems to be something in the client that's on a perpetual loop.

Manual ip , or pin number , it makes no difference. It's just stuck.

Plesae make some kind of button that slushes all connection attempts and things running in the background trying to connect. I think that's the major issue here.
Half the time , these days , when i try to connect to a server , the client endlessly keeps trying to resolve the connection.

I know the port is open I even get a bad request reply if i type something and press return twice (You use Jetty 6.1.5) So I KNOW the server is running and is accessible.

This is not a Bonjour or a TCP in general issue , it is either the server or the client not properly responding.

I use an iphone 4 with latest firmware , and 2.4.3 airvideo server.

Things resolve themselves sometimes . Sometimes it just stays stuck.

I think it's server related , since , when one server doesn't work , I can connect to others from the same client most of the time.

Kind regards

Of all those the first thing is probably the most important and probably easiest to implement ? have either the vertical or horizontal resolution calculated depending on the aspect ratio of the file.

As it is now , for every file i start watching the first thing i do is configure and manually adjust the slider. Most 16:9 content ends up being 272 high of course , but once in a while there is the odd one out.
More even for 4:3.

Movies are a complete disaster tho , since the height of blu ray editions can be anywhere between 600 and 1080 , and i do mean anywhere.
I hope i don't seem too impertinent by suggesting all this , and it is taken as compliment and not as critique.

This is by far the product for the iphone that is wroth every penny it costs and then some.

here goes:

Presets with only either horizontal or vertical resolution fixed , and the other one calculated by aspect ratio of the file .
ie : preset widescreen -> 480 x <calculated on the fly> . where it would be 272 in most cases , but smaller for some movies depending on the mate . Preset underthreetwo <calculated> x 320 ... you know where this is going i hope.

Keep a virtual directory structure of the files in the shared server folders on the phone with the option to add comments per file / directory , so you can easily add comments or any kind of text , links , anything paste-able to files or directories., maybe a + in front of all directory entries that opens a edit field when pressed ..

Add a bookmark feature per directory , so you can just continue watching where you left off if you're watching some series.

Add support for subtitles to work as intended in MKv's , mp4 or other more complex subtitle formats . where font , position fading and moving is supported.
the simplest way to see what i mean with this is to watch any anime using Media player classic and CCCP codec pack installed . Mplayer , vlc and other integrated players have a tendency to mess things up . I have no idea how well those subtitles are implemented on mac tho . win: (http://www.cccp-project.net/ http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/ ) Ideal would be to framebuffer from a VFW source instead of from FFmpeg output , but that would just slaughter Mac users or have you guys force to essentialy make 2 products , one for mac and one for windows , doubling production cost. Anyway , please consider this if at all possible , im sure ffmpeg can be tweaked and buffed up to be able to display subs as the makers intended. Maybe stir up the ffmpeg community?

If this feedback gets seen under a positive light , ill do my best and think of more.

Kind regards , and thank you for listening.
Hello dear makers of airvideo , I really am happy with this update , since subtitles are what i need the most on this product.

As expected from beta software , there are still quite a lot of quirks , and am thus replying to this thread to add my findings.

I tried 3 anime i had and here are the results , i have included torrents for those series at the bottom of the post , so you can all download those and check for yourself , they are unlicensed fansubbed anime , (recorded japanese tv shows) .

I haven't found a single MKV that played without issues of formating or positioning , or extra formating info that was just displayed as text as of yet. I am sure that will be solved pretty soon and you're all working very hard on it.

My settings:

Clannad after story : quite large formatting info in front of the subtitles is displayed

Eureka 7: positioning info is displayed

Dennou coil : no subtitles to be seen at all

Media in question so you have something to test with:


Kind regards

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