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Messages posted by: jockyw2001
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A VPN connection solves it for me.
myairvideoe wrote:I wont rest until I get this to work!!! Great MOD btw...

That's the right spirit
Unfortunately there is no MMS protocol support in ffmpeg
Supported file protocols are:

So you could try with http or rtmp streams.

Alternatively, if you know what you're doing, open the stream in VLC and restream it to your LAN as http-stream.
If you make clever use of VLC playlists, you can select a stream with VLC remote from your iPhone and view the stream with air video.

The single "channel" in channels.ini would then be something like:
You won't get support for the airvid mod in this forum pal
But for starters if you use 2.2.5-beta2 you should use the matching ffmpeg.exe
myairvideoe wrote:Thanks for the response jockyw2001.

I dont have a dreambox or a DBox2... I just want to play an mms:// link on air video... How do i edit the following channels.ini file?

I tried your other forum but too much german for me to understand... You help is greatly appreciated...

my link looks something like this mms://watchonlinechannel.dydns.info/watchonlinechannel


My post in that forum is plain english

Just take any of the thumbnails in the modpack or create one yourself and call it e.g. "onlinechannel.mp4".
Create channels.ini and put in these 3 lines:

Check airvideo log if ffmpeg opens the correct url and if it can open it correctly.
works with my mod, check this:
No problem. Check this:
Hi, maybe there is a way. I have sent you a PM.
Admin wrote:Actually, the offset for TS files is already 0. So it's possible that the first frame of your TS file is not a keyframe. Maybe with 1 we could get better result but there's no guarantee.

Yes with set top recordings that's a problem. I've analysed some of these grey thumbnail files and the first frame is not a key frame. I will experiment with higher -ss values.
Admin wrote:It's caused by the fact that seeking in TS files often doesn't hit the keyframe. I'm not sure we can do anything about it though.

Ah okay, so the new ffmpeg does behave different when demuxing .ts files. I also notice significant more artifacts in the first 100ms of playback with beta2.

Well not much we can do then except for .ts and .trp set -ss param to 1.0 or so.
Starting with 2.2.5-beta2 my set top box file list (.ts and .trp files) shows many grey thumbnails instead of a correct thumbnail pic. There are good thumbnails but many are grey. I can systematically reproduce this. The video file playback is okay.

Older versions of Air Video server do not have this problem. I've compared the thumbnail logs of 2.2.5 beta1 and beta2 for such grey thumbnails and the logs are 100% identical, so it seems ffmpeg is not causing the problem. The question is what is causing this and can you please fix it?

Here is a thumbnail log entry created by 2.2.5-beta2:

TylerL wrote:Why is deblocking turned off in the ffmpeg string?
-flags -loop

I find that losing this causes a huge decrease in perceptible quality.

Very good point.
The x264 guide here is quite helpful in this respect.
be a bit more creative and use for example vlc to open your tuner device and stream it to air video (with my mod applied) ...
check this
Rickske wrote:Can't download the Modpack.. Offline

it's now an attachment to this post:
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