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Messages posted by: iphonedanny
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Author Message
Thanks and sorry. I forgot I was in Mavericks (Mac Developer). I get the Java message there.

I rebooted into 10.8.4 and Yes, Adding playlists worked in that OS - no Java.

Is the only way to have AV use Playlists, I have to install Java? I'm on Mac

I do have the Java Script Plugin in Safari though. But when I try to add playlist, message comes asking if I want to install Java
Is there any way to sort TV shows so one can watch them in episode order? TV shows with a theme, there is no way to watch in episode order - i.e.: episode 1, 2, 3 etc… I can go to Season 1 - but all the episodes have know showing of the episode number. And all the meta-data is in the files.
I'm running 2.4.5 beta6 - and if I check for updates within the app it says I'm running the latest. On Mac OS 10.8.2

Been using your iPhone app for the longest time too. When it first came out Works great. ANd my kids still access the devoted MBP running Air Video 2.4.5 beta6 with no problem.

Should I upgrade to 2.4.6-beta3? If I do does it change the IP address currently we all use for access on our iDevices?

Changing the bitrate did the trick. no more lag.

Thanks so much.

Air Video, one of the BEST iPhone/iPad apps on the App Store.
Thanks so much for your reply.

He tells me all the time. I was on the phone with him - he's at his moms (the ex) and it was lagging. So I told him to try doing it from here - no lag. Then I posted here.

It's reproducible in the sense it happens each time he tries there. I told him to resetup AV on the computer. Reselect the sharing folders in iTunes. He's out now and can't do it. He will be here tomorrow and will bring it all and maybe we'll just do it together here. Which - takes us out of the house. But that unfortunately is what I have to work with. But we'll try it all here what redone.

I will try your suggestion of bitrate. I hopefully will here from him later tonight - EST. I will post back with more info

I wanted to get a jump on some ideas why I posted here. Thanks you again for such a timely response and help.
Hi. Weird problem. My son accesses all our content from my house when he is out or at his mothers house. He uses his iPhone or iPad. No problems. No lag.

He installed AV on his MacBook Pro. Took a copy of the drive of all content to the house on a hd. He basically recreated what is here, for there. When he access internally there - he lags, the video skips. Lags from say 2:15 - jump to 2:19.

Strange. Only internally. Any ideas?

Thanks again.
It didn't over my internal WIFI network. Went to watch a movie last night in bed. Didn't work. This since the update. So this morning I went to a Time Machine backup and took the previous Air Video version. Installed it this morning. Went to the movie. It worked.

removed the ability to play my iTunes bought content? I can't play the movies. I reinstalled the previous version and it all works again.

Am I correct that this ability was removed?
Yes one was. My son at his moms house. Thanks so much.

Another question -

Would there be any speed benefit if conversion were made at home, say on an iPhone or iPad of videos one would then want to watch when out? Is it possible?


Never mind. I just saw this thread. http://www.inmethod.com/forum/posts/list/198.page

Love the software.
spot1701 wrote:
iphonedanny wrote:Stripping DRM was not for piracy but for my kids ability access all of the content we have.

Of course. But you won't get an answer to the question on a public forum

But I still must be missing something here, because I can stream my DRM content fine. I have movies/tv shows that I've purchased from itunes all stream of wifi and 3g.

On my older purchases I get the normal screen but the conversion options don't work. Stream works fine.

On my newer purchased I get invalid stream message, but I still get a play button. And it streams fine.

I hope it's not a bug that will get fixed


You're right. We never even tried because I thought it didn't work. Very cool.

Air Video is so great.

Thank You
on the MacBook Pro I;ve been using for an iTunes server for two years going to two APpleTV's in the house, but now the computer HD never spins down and the fans are constantly running with AV installed.

Is this normal?
I know that and respect it.

I buy all my stuff from iTunes. Music, Movies and TV. Me and my sons are all Mac. iPhones and all. Just got the iPad too.

My one son when he is at his moms house uses Air Video on his new iPad and wanted to access our 2tb's of content when their from my place. I thought Air Video won't stream DRM content?

Stripping DRM was not for piracy but for my kids ability access all of the content we have.

I'm a musician - so piracy is not in my house.

I guess not?
I have to agree with your subject line. "Re:Great software, great price"

Amazing job Air Video. At $2.99 - probably the bargain of the whole App store for the function and ease of use the buyer gets.

Congrats AV

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