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Messages posted by: CoNS
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Ok, I have been out travelling and finally had time to play back another movie. Same problem again - video is lagging from time to time, for periods of around 10-15 seconds.

I have posted the log below. In this movie I noticed the lagging at approximately the following playback times:


My Apple TV (2nd generation) is connected via WiFi.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?

I have been using this great app for more than a year now, and some months ago I bought the pay-version, in recognition of the app's value to me.

However, during the last couple of months I have suddenly encountering a very annoying problem: When playing movies (720p x264 in .mkv) I get some 5-10 seconds of stuttering/lagging around every 20 minutes or so. I never had this problem before (hundreds of movie files played fine), and now it comes with every video file I play (I have tested 30+ files during the last months, all with the same problem).

I have not made any changes to my setup - same version of Apple TV (v2) and the latest beta server program for Windows (from mid 2012). Same PC and everything. I was suspecting that it was due to my harddisk being somehow overloaded during the read process, but when I copy the movies to an external USB harddisk I get exactly the same problem.

The only change to my system, which I could imagine could have had an impact is the standard upgrading of Java, which I have done via the normal Java updater. I now have Java 7 installed (both 32 and 64 bit versions), but no longer Java 6.

Any ideas what the problem is caused by, and how to fix it?

BTW, has Development of the app and the server program completely stopped? I was really hoping that it would continue to be maintained (bugfixed and improved), and maybe also have further features added.

I just bought the app. IMHO it's the best app out there for Airplay of video files which are not directly supported by Apple.

@Admin: Please do continue to develop the "pass through" loss-less feature as an alternative to live conversion. Please see if you can add subtitle support to this feature - that would be much appreciated.

Also, the ISO playback is much needed. As mentioned earlier, you could implement a rather simple version of ISO playback, where you do not show the menu etc. but just read the ISO and go straight to the main movie (= the title with the longest duration). All is needed is then a possibility to switch between subtitle and audio tracks for that title.

Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work
Ok, thanks for the reply.

With that in mind I went along and re-installed Java 1.6 32bit on my PC again, and the two Java installations seem to work fine together as you said. And Air Video Server now works again!

Is it difficult to make Air Video Server use the 64bit Java (if this is the only version available on a PC)? It seems a bit silly having to install Java twice... Also, one would think that a program running on Java could utilize the extra "muscles" in the 64 bit version, if available?
Ok, so that is what I will have to do, then? Beta 7 does not work with Java 64 bit?
Beta 7 used to work fine for me, but not anymore...

Due to requirements of other programs, I have recently shifted from Java 1.6 32bit to 1.6 64bit on my Windows 7 pc. I have doublechecked and the new Java installation works otherwise fine.

When I start beta 7, I will no longer reckognize that I have Java installed. Instead it sends me to java.com to install Java again (I assume the 32bit version). I assume that I can only have one version of Java installed at a time, so...?!
I played around a bit more with the StreamToMe app.

It seems that the reason for it being so succesful with the video quality of the 720p .mkv videos is indeed that it does not convert the video. I.e. although .mkv containers are not supported by Apple products, StreamToMe seems to be able to take each stream (audio/video) inside the .mkv container and then use the streams untouched if these streams are within the audio/video specs supported by Apple in .m4v files etc.

So, when I live-play an .mkv file which contains 720p H264 video and an audio stream, StreamToMe tells me that it keeps the original video and only converts the audio into something supported by Apple (AC3 or AAC I think it said). Whereas Air Video converts both the video and audio when playing the exact same file, which gives me the video artifacts issues described in my initial post above.

When I instead play an .mkv file with 1080p H264 video, both apps have to convert the video stream as the Apple products do not support video above 720p. And in this case, Air Video actually does a better (but not perfect) job in live-converting the video than StreamToMe. (The video is quite pixelated with StreamToMe)
Yep, I am running Air Video Server v2.4.5-beta 7
Hi there,

I have tested pretty much all currently available apps out there, which can play my video collection (mainly .mkv and .iso files) on my PC via streaming onto my Apple TV 2. None of them seem to support .iso playback, so I have concentrated on testing them with my .mkv files so far.

After many extensive tests, my conclusion is that your app is in top two, when it comes to the features I am looking for (good subtitle support, good video quality when streaming and a good GUI both at server and client side).

I have to be honest and say that your app is currently being beaten by StreamToMe. It has slightly better subtitle support (scaleable font size, and it shows the language of .srt files), but the biggest difference is in the video quality when I play .mkv files (with 720p H264 video) via Live Converting.

Both apps (or rather their server apps installed on my PC) seem to be using the open source FFmpeg function to play back the video, but with your app I have noticed an annoying visual issue with many of my .mkv files: When the video contains a scene e.g. in a forest or similar, where you look at the same trees etc. in some seconds, the details of the trees seem to change quite a lot every second or so! The lightning of those trees may change a bit during that second, and then it seems to sort of start over again in the change!! (It looks like that part of the picture is looping, although I realize that this cannot be the case, technically!).

Do you have any idea what this is, and if I can fix it in any of the settings? Or is it a bug, which will be corrected later, or?

When using StreamToMe on the same files, I do not have this problem. (It even seems that this app will play back the video - 720p - without any live conversion, but it says that it live converts the audio stream. Dunno if this makes the difference, though).
Is there a changelog available somewhere, showing the changes between the different versions of the Air Video Server, including the beta versions?
I have both an Apple TV 2 and an AirPort Express in my house.

I tested the TED and YouTube apps as well as Apple's own built-in Videos app for iPad, and they all have the same behavior: when I send the audio to my AirPort Express I can see an audio volume slider (which works!) but when I send the video/audio to my Apple TV 2 I do not have an audio volume slider.

If I use Apple's Remote app on my iPad (together with iTunes acting as a "server" on my PC), I get the same result as above when playing videos, but when I play music alone, I do actually get (a working!) audio volume slider also when playing it over my Apple TV 2.
Sounds good.

Do you have a public "to-do list" or similar, showing which features you are working on (and perhaps which requested suggestions you have for the moment decided not to develop), and when (in which release) they are planned to be implemented?

Something like this (from the Java game, Minecraft): http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_features
Ok, thanks for clearing this up.

I then assume that this is also how Apple's Remote app and other AirPlay enabled apps work?
Is it correctly understood that when I use Air Video on my iPad to play (using Live Conversion) a movie from the Air Video Server on my PC, and I choose to output the movie to my Apple TV using AirPlay, then the Air Video Server send the streams directly to the Apple TV and not through the iPad first?

(Like Apple's Remote app)
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