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Messages posted by: Izzyzy
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Author Message
So it's been more than a year since I started this topic, which I originally started because it'd been a year since I *first* asked.

So we're at something like two years and three months, now.

Are we ever going to get portrait mode playback, or not? Because needing to prop my iPad up on its side with books and things rather than just letting it sit in its specifically designed charging cradle is almost as ridiculous as being told "we're working on it" for more than two years.
Don't count on it, the devs just say whatever you want to hear is coming to placate you.

If they were going to release such a major update, I think we'd have heard about it again sometime in the last year.
Still waiting on portrait Orientation playback, 9 months later.

The native Youtube and Videos apps have had this since Day 1, what the hell, guys?

And whatever happened to this "major update/rewrite" that you just kept referring people to, over and over?

The last update was 5 months ago, and it sure as hell wasn't a "major update." It fixed one major bug, and added support for iPhone 5. That's literally the bare minimum you could have updated. Making it so the app doesn't crash when a video finishes, and making sure it works on the latest hardware revision. That's barely even an update. That's barely doing your jobs.

All I want is for the application to recognize the devices orientation and allow portrait playback. If you guys are really "working full time" and "focusing on a major update/rewrite" this should be a simple fix for you - the kind of thing you'd be *glad* to have to work on momentarily to take your mind off the "major" update work.

So what the hell, guys? Yeah it's not as easy as "making an app that makes fart sounds" but this a feature that been in the native video playback programs since DAY 1. And we're talking about a device that's almost 3 years old now. This shouldn't even be something you should have to develop and test yourself - it should be readily available in the provided video APIs.

So seriously, why are you lying to your customer's faces like this?

If I had known the app didn't support portrait playback I wouldn't have bought it in the first place, and if I had known you were just going to pass the buck for almost a year and hope the issue would just go away, I would have done a charge back and filed a complaint.
Admin wrote:There have been multiple reasons for this, including limitations of the existing conversion pipeline and deployment issues. What you have mention does apply in many cases, but it's not universal.

You not really...*saying* anything. I've seen you guys say you're working on some huge rewrite update for something like 10 months now while people ask for other small, considerably more worthwhile usability features like 1080p playback and portrait orientation playback, but the only answer you ever give is all this "limitations of the conversion pipeline" and "deployment issues" and other corporate doublespeak nonsense.

I think the fact is they're making money whether they keep improving or not at this point, so why actually keep trying? But they can't *admit* that, or we might move onto an app with a team that's actually still giving a damn.
I see admins replying over and over again to various requests with "We're looking into it." and "Great suggestion, we'll see!" and so on.
And yet, the app hasn't had even a minor update in more than 6 months.

Even minor features like playback in portrait mode while docked, that dozens upon dozens of users have been asking for - and for a long time - and that should take only minor changes to the app itself have gotten nothing more in response than "We're looking into it."

Obviously if it's taking you this long to code in *screen orientation* to an *iPad app* you're either:

[A] Incompetent to a ridiculous degree and actually incapable of improving the app in any way.
[B] You already have our money and simply no longer care about your current or future customers.

Which one is less embarrassing to you to admit?
The app hasn't even gotten a minor update in almost 6 months now.

It's obvious you don't care anymore since you already have our money.
Admin wrote:I am ware this is an issue and it will be addressed.

I've seen this said multiple times now, but I've also seen customer asking for you to implement Portrait Orientation Playback since the week this app was first released. It's obvious to me that you're only saying it will "be addressed" to keep people quiet. It's just the orientation of you App. You're going to tell me the two months since you last said it'd "be addressed" wasn't enough time for even a yes or no answer if it was possible or if it's coming?

I'm really disappointed that I spent money on an app that doesn't do what it's intended to do. Great, I can stream video to my iPad while I hold it in landscape orientation. What about being able to play watch video any of the times I'm unable to spare a hand to hold the pad upright, or when it's sitting conveniently in its dock while I do things like cooking or working in the garage? You know - at least 50% of the time this app would be useful?

I can't recommend this app to friends or to anyone because it only does half of what it should and the developers seem to have no intention of ever improving it or being honest to their customers.

This is NOT a "would be nice" feature. This is a "what the app should have been doing from Day 1" feature.
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