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Messages posted by: sofakng
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OK - Is it safe to to select a couple of bitrates (perhaps 1 Mb/s through 3 Mb/s) and let Air Video select the best one? (and then if it doesn't work deselect all of them except for one to force it?)
I'm a bit confused on how AirVideo is transcoding.

AirVideo allows you to select multiple different "Allowed Bitrates" so does it adjust the bitrate on-the-fly using the bandwidth and adjust automatically if the connection is too slow? (if so, why not just select ALL the allowed bitrates and then have it use the best available for your connection)
Ahh, OK.

One more question... does your package require X11 or can it be used on headless servers?
rubiojr, does your package contain mp4creator for 12.04? (I've looked inside the package and it didn't seem like it...)

What is mp4creator used for? Is it optional?
Thanks for the fast reply!!

Does it just ignore that bitrate setting then?
If a file is already encoded with an iOS compatible format (.MP4, H.264, AAC, etc), does AirVideo perform _any_ kind of transcoding or modification?

I'm curious because under Global Settings, there are "Allowed Bitrates" so this makes me wonder if AirVideo would transcode a higher bitrate file (even though it might be 100% compatible already and on a WiFi network, etc) to a lower bitrate file before streaming...
Can I benchmark the performance of AirVideo running on Windows versus Linux? (ie. maybe convert a video and see how long it takes on the different platforms?)
Thanks for the reply.

What's the best way to compile/install FFmpeg into a different directory?

I'm thinking to use something like /usr/local/airvideo as the installation prefix.

I'd compile and install with this command line:
./configure --enable-pthreads --disable-shared --enable-static --enable-gpl --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --prefix=/usr/local/airvideo

That will put your modified FFmpeg's documentation and everything into that subdirectory instead of the typical places like /usr/local/doc, etc. I'm a little familiar with Ubuntu (Debian) but I'm still not sure if this is the best way to go about it. What do you suggest?
Is it possible to install these modified FFmpeg builds into a separate directory with Ubuntu?

I'd like to have both the Git version of FFmpeg installed as well as the AirVideo FFmpeg version...
What's customized about it? Would it be possible to patch the latest GIT version?
Is it possible to use the latest FFmpeg (from GIT) with Air Video and Ubuntu?

...or does Air Video still need a special version of FFmpeg?
Does the "Alpha4" version in the OP work with Air Video 2.4.3 for the iPhone/iPad?
I'm just wondering but when I start Live Conversion on a video it seems to take about 20-30 seconds to start playing.

Is this normal? (I'm guessing that it is)

Also, does Live Conversion use dual (or quad) core processors? (eg. is it multi-threaded?)
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