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Messages posted by: sjk
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Is Air Video Server for OS X installed and running on your MacBook Pro?
Menkonfley wrote:I'd like to watch my videos from outside.

As you might have already seen, there've been some suggestions/discussions in at least this mega-topic:

Petition to create a desktop Air Video client for Windows/MAC OSX

I haven't actively looked for ways to stream my video library beyond the WLAN.
I think I'm not the first one to ask.

Certsinly not.

How can I watch my videos on another computer ?

On your local network and/or over the internet?

is there any client or do I have to use my iPad only ?

No OS X client from InMethod and no plans announced to release one. Someone else knows possible alternatives better than I do. On my local network I can mount a remote volume and use QuickTime Player, MPlayerX, or some other client to watch videos.
My folder organization of movies and TV shows (excluding iTunes Store downloads under the iTunes Media hierarchy) is similar to tdoane78's, stored on different volumes. When there are extras for a movie I create a separate folder for them and the main feature. I don't use a conversion folder.
grooveh wrote:I'm having exact same problem, which is frustrating, as everything worked flawlessly for over 1.5 years.

Can you think of anything that changed with your Mac, iDevices, and/or network shortly before the problem started that might provide a clue to the cause leading to a solution? Sometimes significant changes are irrelevant while seemingly benign ones can matter.

You already mentioned that software reinstallation and thumbnail cacher cleaning unfortunately didn't help. In over ten years of OS X usage I've never had to reinstall an app to resolve a problem, but it's worked with a few iOS apps with the lack of any less drastic alternatives (especially on unjailbroken devices).
EddieRobinson7 wrote:I got mid-way through the process to find that AirVideoServer was UNTICKED under the list of Login Items that I had showing on my account; Thus all I had to do was TICK it again and re-started my iMac to find that this was problem solved and it did infact launch from startup.

That's interesting because AVS starts during login on my system with its Login Items Hide checkbox unchecked.

Anyhoo… glad to hear you've got it working again there!

Btw, those references to Classic and old versions of OS X (stopping at 10.5) in that KB article seem like ancient history now.
Oh, and the URL your posted has a ':' (colon) character at the end so it won't open the page when clicked.
Air Video Server is listed under Login Items on my regular AVS system, added by enabling AVS's Start at Login option probably on 10.7.x. Enabling the option on 10.8.3 didn't add AVS to Login Items in yesterday's test on a different system. Sounds like it's currently missing from Login Items on your system, but I know the reason for its seemingly random removal. If indeed it's not there you could manually add it back if enabling Start at Login doesn't do it.

I vaguely remember reading about some change in how 10.8.x manages Login Items, which might be why enabling Start at Login didn't work for me on 10.8.3.
EddieRobinson7 wrote:The option is selected for it to load on startup so I do not understand it :/

On the 10.8.3 system I'm currently using enabling the Start at Login option under Air Video Server Preferences > Settings doesn't add the app to Login Items for my account under System Preferences > Users & Groups (should it?). I'll compare later with another 10.8.3 system that regularly runs AVS and has always started it at login.
I don't know if Air Video supports external subtitle files. For H.264 video, make sure Allow H.264 Video Passthrough is disabled under Global Settings in the iOS app.
whatUwant wrote:When will IPv6 be supported?

It might already be. Have you looked through search results for IPv6?
Kosta wrote:
There an Allow H.264 Video Passthrough option under Air Video iOS app's Global Settings.

And what does it do exactly?

Enables streaming playback of H.264 content (e.g. video tracks mostly found in MP4, M4V, and MKV files) without reencoding it.
I was confused when you referred to "Mac" as though it was software, not hardware. Thanks for clarifying.

I do agree that something might have changed.

My logic (certainly not guaranteed flawless ) says "must have", figuring otherwise it would still be working okay.

Same symptoms under both OSes seems to mean something, but I'm not sure what.

I'd offer to test if I had sufficient resources. Hopefully the results of your testing on the other system will be fruitful.

There an Allow H.264 Video Passthrough option under Air Video iOS app's Global Settings.
Kosta wrote:The Mac/Windows is the same system though.

A Mac running OS X with Windows running under virtualization software?

…, does it stay at x48 all the time.

Are you measuring that under Windows (which I haven't used for a few years)? I don't know how to do it under OS X (which I use almost exclusively).

I won't exclude the network problem, however I would highly doubt it. The service I have is a very good one, actually top service available in Austria. … So there is no reason for AVS not to have enough bandwidth.

Then perhaps it's not a bandwidth or other network-related issue. I was simply suggesting that as a possibility, eliminated if indeed irrelevant.

To be sure, you do agree that something definitely changed to break your working setup? Can you recall any changes that might matter?

It's tougher helping anyone who says "nothing's changed" when having that information often provides insight into resolving problems more quickly. Of course, for various reasons, it can be difficult or impossible to determine specific before/after changes of significance.

I do have a weak laptop I could test AVS on.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Another reference point for comparison could help isolate where the trouble is.

I hope it is strong enough for live encoding though, the cpu is Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2Ghz.

My weaker Mac mini can do live encoding, though it's usually unnecessary with most of my content now able to stream with H.264 video passthru.
Kosta wrote:So I'm stuck.

If this is important enough to you then instead of surrendering maybe you can find someone else to help troubleshoot this problem's cause?

As Admin said, it seems to be something with your system's configuration, implying it's probably not specifically an Air Video Server issue. Obviously something has changed since it worked properly and information you've provided hasn't helped isolate that. Digging deeper could be a time-consuming process, going beyond support resources that InMethod can reasonably offer.

You mentioned having Mac and Windows systems, while later comments like "the CPU speed tends to fluctuate very much between 16x and 48x multiplier" only seem applicable to the latter. If you know for sure the problem started simultaneously with both systems running AVS and you hadn't changed any hardware/software on either then I'd probably focus more attention on it being a network issue. I don't use 3G, etc. but carriers can/do make changes to their networks that negatively impacts service in certain areas for certain customers. A question to ask, which I can't answer, is: Could a network change be causing symptoms you've been seeing on the system side?

Lame analogy: If you can be confident nothing's changed with a car you're driving, then something suddenly feels different along the same road you regularly travel that's a pretty good indication that the road's changed, e.g. that pothole you drove over today wasn't there yesterday.
This has been throughly discussed in other topics, e.g.:

Why hasn't the app gotten even a minor update in almost 6 months?

Also InMethod's recent post:

Admin wrote:The new client is ready for public beta.
We're working on the server currently, trying to get it shape so that we can start shipping it. At this point it mostly involves getting the configuration user interface done and packaging it. There are many new features in the software, but we don't want to go to details before we start with beta.

Development time increases by repeatedly responding about it.
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