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Messages posted by: Jazzy Jazzy
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Author Message
thank you again for your answer

I tried yesterday to mount die Video Directory via WebDAV to the AirVideo Servers Computer. I dragged it into Air Video and it runs fine. So I use the SSL WebDAV to bring the Folder to a client network and then there the Air Video Server delivers it to e.g. an iPad within the local wifi. (Yes there somebody could make it accessible for internet too with the local air video server.)

It runs fine.

Anyway I would purchase a certificate or make an self made cert to encrypt the Air Video Stream. Probably this could be an option for inmethod to anhance the air video system?
Ok - thank you for this very detailed answer.

The only thing is that the stream via Internet is not secure because of no SSL - right?

Thank you.


I dont really know who can see my videos while Im playing them back. Usually I tend to use SSL. But this seem not to be possible with Air Video Server.

When I have the Videoserver in AirVideo for iPhone connected with the PIN will it go over the internet anyway, even when Im with WiFi connected to the same LAN or will it find the direct way to the server. So if Im at home no bad guy can see my videos while I m watching them?

Only if Im off and connected from outside, the video plays back to my iphone and any bad guy can see the stream too?

Can anybody give me some information how this works.

Thank you.

after installation of 2.4.3 the first test shows that air video server now seems to be ok.

Thank you very much.

with 2.4.3 beta3 the listing appears in about 3 times the time of the windows version and of the version server-app before.

For showing the thumbnails I did not wait

Klicking on a video leads in a communication error after about tree minutes.

the second time I was trying the threads went to 147 and after same long time waiting it leads in a communication error

it contains 299

I tested 2.4.3 beta2 - sorry the listing of the large folder takes lot of time (nothing displayed) and ended with a communitcation error. The time is far too long compared with the windows server version of air video.

But the threads went down to not more than 47 and the air video server did not crash.

Thank you for working on this issue


after the update of 2.4.2 I have similar problems. I have problems with getting the same fast access as with 2.4.1. Today I started to troubleshoot.

The movies are on a 10.5 Server and I use the same machine with Air Video Server for mac via afp and via bootcamp Windows 7 and SMB.

I tried to:
0. I got problems with the installation. I finally deleted air video and after I downloaded it manually from your website. Win and Mac installation caused problems. The machine now seems to be not as stable as before. It freezes at the installation process.
1. Restart the computer under osx 10.6 with the Air Video server
2. access with iphone - the movie listing from the last session loads fast
3. I opened another movies folder but the listing did not come

4. I deleted the cache
5. Then the listing came but it takes very long time
6. I did not show the thumbnails (I got network traffic on the server machine and about 20% cpu - so I think something was working)
7. Now I opened the folder - at the same time - with an ipod too.
8. Now the cpu of the server machine went up to 120% (intel dual core mac mini) and both iphone and ipod showed some error messages.
9. The cpu is still around 100% but it does not accept requests of iphone or ipod again. An error message wanted to be sent so somewhere. I agreed to send it.
10. I could not quit the server from the task-bar.

11. I will kill it now and restart with Windows 7 (please wait)


12. OK I m back on Windows 7 with air video server 2.4.2. I did not reset the thumbnails here
13. The listing on iPhone was quite fast
14. After on iPod too.
15. I now try to open some folders back and forth to cause problems, but:
16. It seem to work fine on windows 7
17. It plays also videos on iphone and ipod at the same time.

18. Now I try to fix the (probably damaged OSX) - but first I restart the 10.5 server. Probably a problem with afp. (please wait)


19. I m back - the probably damaged OSX has problems to access quick to some folders on server directories. It makes directory listings very slow too. This is new after the installation of air video server - I think. So I removed it from the machine and restarted it.

20. I cannot say for shure if the afp listing from macosx is faster. With some folders it is sometimes not. Every machine in the network is different too.

21. I will install air video again from website download

22. Same problems with the listing of the video directories. It even does not list. Sometimes the listing comes but the next klick to show the specific movie will not come.

Currently I cannot watch movies with air video for osx at all.

23. The restart of the computer takes about 15 minutes. It got problems to shutdown.


24. Now it seems to work (listing and playing movies) with an movies folder with 140 movies - the listing with the bigger movies folder with 1500 movies does not work. I also set some bigger folders with tons of files where I sometimes need to watch some technical movies. These also has to be parsed. All this worked perfectly with 2.4.1 air video server.

25. Now I quit (on the red minus) the app on the iPhone and start it again and just klck once on the server to wait till every folder has been counted and a number is displayed.

26... waiting - the cpu (4% for air video server and 1900 threads - growing 2100 -> 2500 -> now 2256 showing different numbers around this +-10 ) and the network says that the mac is doing something. I opened a server folder to try to get a directory listing. Now the finder access to the server is not possible. I takes and takes

27. Activity monitor shows "Finder" in red but I could open some windows - now it shows it black again

28. After about 20 minutes the treads went down to 2230 and then a error message on the iPhone came up that says: Unexpected Error. Do you want to submit... I said yes.

29. Now I tried to stop the air video server but it does not respond.

I killed air video server manually but the shutdown of the mac took again 10 minutes


30. Now another idea - I removed 2.4.2 air video server and installed the 2.4.0 version. Same behaviour - the smaller folder with 140 movies show up ok the bigger one does not - and the server crashed. I need to restart the mac but this took again 10 minutes to shutdown.

Hope that helps

Tell me if you want me to try something.

I hope you find a solution.


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