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Messages posted by: Phoenixxl
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Author Message
I have tested large folders on my phone. With the new build, it works , it is a lot smoother for smaller folders as well. The largest one I tested contained 3770 items.

I would have liked to try it out on my ipad as well , but I guess I should have registered the device before the current build came out. It is registered now , so I should be able to test when the next one appears.

I have tested ASS/SSA as well. I have seen some scaling issues but it is heading in the right direction for sure. Good work !

When I am able to use my ipad I will take time to go over the items in my video collection with the more elaborate subtitles. If at all possible I'll provide you with the material that glitches as well.

Friendly regards
It's fine, really, I'm patient.


I haven't received anything yet, don't feel left out.
When I get something and have tested it I will add my findings concerning this particular subject to this thread as well.
Ok thank you.
I have installed testflight.
It currenly states "There are no available builds. You will receive an install mail when a build is available."
I hope that is correct.
So I will now wait until a mail pops up so I can see if it works.

Friendly Regards
Ok ,

I sent the message again. http://i.imgur.com/DSD31pC.png

Hoping for a fruitful conclusion.
Admin wrote:Phoenixxl, did you get invitation? Did I reply to your email?

Hello ,
I sent you a mail on july 8th . I haven't received a reply yet.
I did not want to press the matter any further since I'm sure you guys have work enough as it is.
I would still be interested though.

Friendly Regards

Admin kindly asked if I would like to test a version they were working on to fix this issue . I did what he asked , but alas I got no reply yet. So I haven't been able to see if the fix works.
Yes it's a directory on a network drive.
The connection is 10Gbit I use intel X540 cards.
The windows machine which is running windows 7 is connected to the server running FreeBSD on which Samba 3.6. is installed.
Except for airvideo server timing out I have no other issues with this share.
For most other directories it runs fine , I only have 2 or 3 with a very large amount of files.

One of the directories that doesn't work has 995 other directories inside.
One that does has a mix of 389 files and dirs.
As it is now , the client will give a timeout when the server is indexing a folder that contains over X amount of videos.

Would it be possible to have the server send "working" messages over a back channel every so often to indicate nothing is going wrong instead of relying on a timer?

Thnx in advance for any reply.

Come on guys , it's been years now ..

It's time for ASS/SSA to be fully supported .. This is essential for people who use your product to view anime , of which there are a LOT.

The most compatible way of doing it is through a secondary video overlay stream.
The main video stream containing the animation can be sent unchanged like what's happening now when h264 pass through is enabled.
The secondary stream , containing only the subtitles rendered on an alpha background can be overlaid on the video on the IOS device.
Tutorials about making video overlays on ios are available everywhere.

There are more than enough open source implementations to render ass/ssa as well.

You are still the number one implementation for playing video on ios devices.

Throw us a bone here , give us something substantial for 2013 , and if you aren't able to implement it , that's not a shame , with the money you made already you can afford to hire someone who can.

At this point I wouldn't mind it if you added this crucial upgrade and called it "Airvideo 2". I wouldn't mind paying a second time when it came to having decent subtitle support instead of what we're having now.

Friendly regards

It's been ages since there has been work done on the server or client programs of airvideo.

I was wondering what's going on..

Did inmethod get sold ? or maybe just the airvideo part? Is apple boycotting you guys? Are you working on something else ? Or decided to take a long vacation? Is apple making something similar to your product and has hence paid you to stop developing?

I still would like to see correctly styled ass/ssa styled subs done for example . ffmpeg has full support for them now.

Also ordered chapters in mkv's which can be separate files , for anime for example where op's and ed's are different files.. these things are common practice.. Selecting a chapter to go to from within a playing mkv..

An alphabetical search on the right side of file listings would also be a god send.. Some of us have really huge libraries.. where navigating through them as it is now takes ages.

Hi10p support for input has become quite needed as well , and eventually hi444PP hi422p support.

Also the ability to encode something on the server and then have it sent to the phone when done , instead of passing through itunes on a pc.. For a lot of people their video server isn't the same pc they use for syncing , and with cloud support i'm sure this would be a logical step forward.

Hoping for some explanation about the current hiatus , also hoping for innovative improvements soon .
Kind regards
A loyal customer.
Luisinho wrote:She would be very interesting to place a password for each folder that you select, would be safe and more people could use without the risk to invade its archives.

Humm .. is it possible to run the server a few times over on different ports ? If you can , you could do that instead , and have a different password for each instance running.
Please implement it so we can set the task priority of spawned ffmpeg threads.

It will solve a lot of problems for my parent's setup.
My mother is a facebook addict who always ends up opening all kinds of flash heavy links , and it messes up the airvideo usage for the rest of the family. Putting aircideo's ffmpeg thread at a higher priority manually fixes it . I'm rarely there though , and I really don't want them to call my house every time they wants to watch a movie.

I have considered making a ffmpeg.exe replacement that in turn runs the real ffmpeg , but that will probably messes up processes not being closed by the main app properly.

Thank you in advance for considering his.
I have recently found out it always happens when my phone goes into standby but not touching it for a minute.

When i come back to it , i get a communication error and am unable to continue using airvideo , until i reset my phone.

The same happens with the ipad at my parent's place.
Problems with subtitles are starting to crop up again

Subtitle tracks not found :


and others.

Those subs aren't ass though .. They are vobsub , Air Video is supposed to support vobsub I presume , ?
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