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Messages posted by: iamse7en
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What's the status on this petition? Any word from Inmethod? I want to be able to stream my video library which is in another State. It's too much of a pain to do through VLC. I've tried Plex but can't get it to work, and plus much of the content gets out of sync in Plex.

Is there a better option until Inmethod makes a Mac client?
I very much want a OSX client. I've tried streaming via VLC, Plex, and so on. But they all have their limitations. How in the hell is it easier on my phone via a simple app like Air Video?! I'm going to get an iPad JUST so that I can take my entire video collection with me wherever I go, then hook it up to any TV.
Holy crap man. That… looks… awesome. Universal app?! Free for me?! You are awesome. I hope your product continue to sells well. Those screens look awesome.

When you consider the movie collection I have, this is MUCH better than netflix.
sjk wrote:
iamse7en wrote:But, iPad version will be cool too. I just want to be able to hook it up to a TV easily.

Isn't that more of a hardware issue? I don't see how an iPad version of Air Video will make it any easier to "hook it up to a TV" than the iPhone version already is. Adding a public "TV Out" API for the iPad, but not the iPhone, could make a difference in usability, though.

Resolution, my friend. Resolution. Much prefer the iPad.
Just wait for the iPad!
YES! An OS X client would be awesome too. I'm sure it would be easy to do? I would buy one, for SURE.

But, iPad version will be cool too. I just want to be able to hook it up to a TV easily.
Air Video for iPad is one of the first things I thought of when I was following the announcement. It's gonna be killer. You'll have to do something with the UI, since it's such a huge screen! I'm not sure what you'll do to fill all that space, but maybe you can think of something.

This iPad is really cool, and I think the doubters don't see the bigger picture. You'll see. It will be a hit, even if it takes a couple models.
I have the 3G S⃣ .
Thank you for responding. Can you add an option in the settings to disable thumbnails? That would be great. It actually loads the 1000+ dir relatively faster than you'd think. I've been playing around with it, and on medium quality, I can stream any of my videos over 3G with virtually no skips. Amazing! But I'd love the thumbnail option and searching/filtering. Thank you.
I just bought the app, and I'm very impressed. It's exactly what I've been waiting for.

I only have one request: a better file navigation system...

I've tried different FTP apps, and even iPhone Remote (in which you can access your computer's files through Safari), and each of them load folders much faster than Air Video.

I'm not sure what you'd have to change (maybe option to not load thumbnails), but the folders don't load fast enough, and scrolling fast through a large list is buggy and can stall often. I'm not sure what you'd have to do, but this is a huge deal to me. I have a folder full of over 1000 video files, so it can take too long to load. And before you say "of course that will take forever to load," I have loaded such a directory MUCH faster on FTP apps, and through Safari (via iPhone Remote). So, I know it can be improved. Also, I'd like to have an option to not have the folders listed at the top of the directory, but rather arranged Alphabetically. On top of that (I don't know if this is possible), but a way to arrange by other options, like date modified - I know you can do that via ftp. Plus, it takes too long to scroll through a long folder to the bottom. What about having the letters along the right side of the folder like in Contacts or iPod apps for quicker navigation? Also I'd like to be able to search or filter through a directory. E.g. If I have a directory that has 1000 videos in it, I can type 2009 to get a list of all videos with 2009 in its file name. That would be awesome.

So to summarize my feature request:

*Quicker directory retrieval - this is the biggest issue
*Option to have folders arranged alphabetically, not at the top
*Option to arrange by date modified, size, and other modifiers
*Search/filter capability

These added capabilities would make this app KILLER. Please respond with what's possible, what you're looking into, et cetera. So far, I'm amazed by this app. The live-conversion-streaming works much better than I anticipated, and with the option to adjust the conversion settings, I can find the best setting suited to my situation according to internet, 3g, and CPU speed. Just brilliant! Thank you.
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