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Messages posted by: reeven
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Emit is freezing all the time on an S2 with 403.
If i stop the stream and start it again, if i click back when an video is playing...but maybe after 2-3 version more it will be ok.
Android 403 is has an rewind bug, and when i rewind video, subtiles does not sync with video in Emit. And if i play again this video it start from where it left off, not at beggining, and subtitles is not in sync.
Still waiting for airvideo.

After digging somehow more I must admit that " emit" is best on android.. it sees any subtitles...

i use imediashare or bubbleupnp pro + MXplayer for my .ts stream on dvbc tuner.
And Emit for videos.
Mirage is crap, Emit as well.
O my GOD, and PLEX? Plex is super mega ultra crap, it could not seen any of my movies, and it takes forever to refresh( add) , photo, etc. ANd forever to remove... Huge pressure on my Quad Core 4ghz with this Plex when tried to remove folders or add them..Hate it.
I could not add 1 single movie, because Plex cant seen movies.
I tried all options, read on their forum, etc, nothing work.

I need Airvideo, i have huge huge collections with mkv that has 2 types of subs( hard-coded and srt) and on android no one will read those subs( srt).
On my Iphone airvideo play them just fine...
All Android software( vplayer, mxplayer, dice, etc) will read hard-coded sub and cant seen srt.
On airvideo both subtitles types are seen, and i could choose .srt.

We need Airvideo for Android. Ios is history.
On Iphone 3G with IOS 3.1.2, you need to use 2.4.9 airvideo and pc setup 2.4.3
2.4.10 not working on ios 3.1.2, and pc server 245beta7 as well.
If you install Setup245beta7, when you click on an video it tries to start then exit back in the menu at options.
It does this on ALL videos.
Admin wrote:Hi,

the non-existing PPS referenced messages usually mean that a stream has been cut at wrong place. Where are the files that don't play from?

some of them are .ts from my dvbc tuner, recorded with progdvb, dvbviewer.
others are from net, mkv demo.
i have problems with a lot of files with beta 7 or with official version:


I have latest version installed on iphone 3g, iphone 4, on PC win7, quad core.
Only .avi is working, .ts , .mpg, .wmv, .mp4v not working with live transcoding or with Play button( after i converting videos on hdd and play them on iphone).
Phone is on 3.1.2, without jailbroken, if i exit airvideo my ram comes back to 35-50mb.

I see that Youtube app also use a lot of ram, but i always have 10 mb free. I will restore my phone to an fresh OS to see how its working.
Salut, i have an problem.

I have IPHONE 3G, and i have 40-50 free RAM on it. If i started AirVideo , after few minutes my free ram dropped to 3-6mb, and freezing occured, i could not click on pause, or DONE, etc.
I tried lowering the settings, no go.
I went to appstore an find a new app( not AIRPLAY) that work ok, and i have about 20mb free always.
But i do not like THE NEW APP, i do not like app that copy an old one.
The NEW app have yellow subtitles, and are not optimised for latin.

I also using live-tv on IPHONE, with DVBLINK or DVBVIEWER, this ones use some ram, but i always have 30mb free.
1 year ago my AirVideo was ok, i could have 10-15 mb free ram , and i even watch full movies( 2-3 hours) on it with Airvideo. SOMETHING BROKE in the latest Airvideo versions.
I tried lowering bitrated, resolution, etc, nothing work.

Also, after some time my PC goes into standby, then AIRVIDEO not working, i use an app caled INET( from app store) to wake up my PC again.
Maybe AirVideo need a settings to wake up the PC from time to time, let say from 15 in 15 minutes.

I have latest server( official or beta) and latest app for Iphone.
Latest server beta is 10% better, but still only 6-10mb free ram.
I know, i know, Iphone 3G is crap, 128mb, etc, but still, is my Iphone, i even could watch HD Live-tv on it....
nice support, nice work, im glad i find out on appstore airvideo
salut, i notice some subtitles that does not work, and some are working:


In this archive i put 2 subtitles from 2 movies that works, and 2 subtitles on same movies that does not work.

I use latest airvideo on iphone, and latest server, k-lite installed.
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