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Messages posted by: roguetr
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Will be home in 6 days. Add a day for getting in the time to install the latest beta on each of the relevant PCs. Actually, I'd imagine just the 3rd gen would suffice as the iphone 4 is technically more capable?
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Admin wrote:
I'm not sure why this would happen, does the file stream to the iPhone with "Play"?

Oddly enough it does, I should have mentioned that.

I've just reverted to stable and it's working fine on the defaults. For some reason the beta is producing transcodes that at this point only itunes rejects for a 2nd gen. I've got a 3rd gen and an iphone 4 but I'm out of the state and currently only have the one system to test with.
Hi there it's been a while

Using this version (I can't speak for previous recent betas), itunes will not sync offline converted video to my ipod 2nd gen stating it is not a supported video format.

Of course I could use handbrake but my main reason for still using Air Video is for the ability to delegate amongst multiple systems using a shared back end. Remotely adding video to playlists is my favourite feature!

I'm currently trying various quality settings and video dimensions/resolutions but so far no joy. The built in itunes converter works but there's no way I'm using that more than once

Is this something I've done or am doing or should I wait for an update? Or should I be using *shudder* stable?

Thanks in advance.
I understand, though in this instance there was an applicable fix for the current build.

I appreciate the fact you moved to a later version of ffmpeg, hence the delay. An appropriate response would be to apologize for the small oversight and offer a working binary in the interim. Alternatively a time frame on the new release would be equally acceptable, asumming it's soon.

Take this merely as constructive criticism, I know you have a lot of non technical and unsubstantiated questions and problems to field, it was just a shame to see a legitimate issue be left for so long with no communication.

I still think you have a great product (even though I'm now on android, any plans for an android client?) And I can't wait for the update.
Well done! With no Linux system available to me at present, I'd hope this fix is applied to the windows port very soon. After all, this project is not open source and to have paying customers submitting patches is rather ridiculous.

Here's hoping for better support on bugs that have upstream fixes in the future.

Well done again, you put in the leg work the Dev should have but I'm sure everyone appreciates it.
I'll second that ... Cable connections typically have no allowances for outbound data, you'd be lucky if you have 64kbps available. Once that's flooded, your inbound is useless.

In comparison, even your most basic ADSL plan/connection will usually have double that. A lot of ADSL2+ plans now offer 1024kbps outbound (Australia). Cable is useless for most service hosting scenarios and I'll almost guarantee that is goes against your acceptable use policy.
OK, just found the source code ... So ultimately, *nix users get updates that Windows users don't.

Awesome. Time to set up a new domU.
I'm a BSDer so I haven't bothered trying linux yet but out of curiosity, do you have a patchset you are using to compile ffmpeg for air video?

It seems you're getting the benefit of dynamically linked libraries therefore receiving updates Windows users are missing out on.

I could be wrong but I was under the impression ffmpeg needed customising.
Unfortunately the symptom of having no access to the tracker is the same as there being no tracker. Maybe it should just say "Tracker Unavailable".

I consider the tracker a free service (as you can provide the same service to yourself and reliability is no issue for me.

No response, I'm getting worried. Any idea when ffmpeg will get some loving? Even a projected/estimated timeframe is better than nothing.
Soooo ... Any idea when you might update ffmpeg?

I haven't used Air Video at all since this problem has occured due to the fact I have to access the server anytime I select an incompatible MKV.

I can't imagine there is too much work required on your patches for the updated source code.

Please let me know the status!

I'm very much looking forward to having a usable air video again.
Glad I could help

I'm keeping a close eye on this thread, if you need me to test anything just holler.
As far as the different installations of ffmpeg go, they are all invoked in a relative context and the path has no bearing. I've tested this and determined it is the Air Video version of ffmpeg that is crashing. Further more, all other video files transcode successfully, Air Video requires a custom version of ffmpeg so none would work if the wrong one was being invoked.

I'll try this version you've posted and let you know, fingers crossed

I just tested and I still receieve the crash, the logs are identical to the previous version. Windows it's self reports:


I'm pretty sure this is the same issue already reported as the MKV in question is also a 'horriblesubs' bleach episode. I'm required to close the crashed ffmpeg instance before I can watch anything that does actually work.

I'm running air video 2.4.3 on windows 7 ult. x64.

Live conversion log shows:

File info is:

Sorry for the formatting. If I can provide any more info let me know. Other than this issue, very happy with Air Video. Zumocast and Orb live can both stream this file using ffmpeg but there are no subtitles, I need Air Video!

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