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Messages posted by: msstatedawg
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Admin wrote:I think MP4 with H264 video and AAC audio would be your best bet.

Ok, gave this a couple of tries. Works great with Air Video, but does not show up on the PS3. Any other suggestions?
I'm just doing a Full Disc rip using the latest version of DVDFab.

I'll try the suggestion in your reply to my other message.
Ok, thanks.

So that video/audio format will also be compatible with PS3 via Windows Media Server?
I have Handbrake. Are you suggesting I convert the ripped video into some other format? If so, into what format do you suggest?

Also, I would like to be able to watch the video on the iPhone with Air Video, but also on the PS3.
I rip movies with DVDFab (latest version), then use DVD Shrink to join the multiple .VOB files together - sometimes compressing them to decrease file size. I do this primarily to watch my movies on the PS3 in another room.

When watching these movies using the Air Video app on iPhone 5, the time scale is not calculated correctly. For a 2 hour movie, the scale may say 0:00 - 1:15 (or similar). It'll play to the end of the scale, then stop. Sometimes, dragging the button on the scale past the halfway point will jump farther into the movie than the 1:15.

What is my fix for this? I want to be able to continue watching on the PS3, but also watch correctly on the iPhone. Do I need to use another ripping tool? Do I need to convert the source video into some other format? I'm quite ignorant on the subject. All advice is greatly welcomed.

Reporting an issue. Apologies if I've reported it in the wrong place.

I installed 2.4.6 b3. Video playback on iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 was very choppy. It was as if it were dropping frames, but the audio was not choppy.

I removed that version and installed 2.4.3. When displaying the AV dialog, it still said 2.4.6 b3 in the title bar and the choppy behavior continued.

I removed AV again then cleaned out all references to "AirVideo" from my registry as well as any folders on the drive with their name containing "AirVideo". Then, I installed 2.4.3 again.

All is well now. Hope this helped with your ongoing dev of the next production release. Many thanks for this product.
I have made a file backup of my DVD movie using the latest version of DVDFab. This created five VOB files. I used VOBJoiner to concatenate them into one VOB file. I then simply renamed the VOB file with an MPG extension.

When I access the file via Air Video app on the iPhone 4, the duration is stated as 1:15:06, however, the length of the actual movie is greater than that.

Any suggestions? Is there a better way to backup movies?
Wait, if I go to MP4, then I won't be able to play them using Windows Media Server to my PS3.
Hmmm, now that's an idea. Handbrake will take it directly from DVD to MP4?
Yes. This is less about the design of Air Video and more about the methods by which I am making backups of my movies. The way I see it, I'm kinda doing it wrong and wish someone would jump in and provide some sound advice on how to backup my DVDs to disk and make the video file as compatible with players as possible. There are probably standards from which my methods are straying.

See the attached snapshot. The time played and time left aren't accurate as the movie is much more than an hour long.
No, that's not correct. See the OP, pls.
Not applicable.

When I backup my movies with DVDFab, they get split into separate VOB files. If I want to keep the movie as-is, I use a VOB file joiner utility to put them into one. If I decide to compress the movie a bit, I use DVD Shrink which creates an output of one VOB file.

I'm not attempting to access multiple VOBs with Air Video.

I need a bit of education, please.

I backup my DVDs to disk using DVDFab. Once I have ripped the main movie, I use DVD Shrink to compile the movie into one VOB file. Sometimes I compress, sometimes not. Once that's done, I simply rename the .VOB to .MPG.

Air Video seems to play these ok, but there are some minor things I wish I could straighten out. For example, the length (in hours/minutes) doesn't report correctly. For a 2 hour movie, Air Video may say 30 minutes or so or even 00:00:00. This doesn't seem to affect playback, though. Also, when I pull up the list of movies in Air Video, the icon at the left side of the list item for a given movie will display for some, but not for some others. I always rip each movie the same way.

I'm sure this is a result of not knowing all I need to know about backing up my movies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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