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Messages posted by: luckman212
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How's that next version comin' ?
Is there any update or ETA on this v.3 version? I just got a new PC and it's always falling asleep while I'm watching video from AirVideo.
just switched from iPhone to HTC android & the only thing missing is AirVideo! I will gladly pay again for the port, just please see if you can make it happen!!
is it possible to add a button to the GUI of the airvideoserver something like "close all streams & file handles" or something like that? so that at least it can be easily "reset" instead of quitting & re-launching the app.
I guess it would be better to assume that if the phone gets locked, then it is safe to stop streaming the video and close the connection & file handle-- because am I wrong or is it not possible to watch video while the phone is locked? Or maybe I mis-understand what you are saying. Or is there a way for the airvideo iphone app to send a signal upon shutdown to the server (assuming it can get through via tcp) to say "bye bye" and ask the server to close any connections. I know of some apps that do things upon exit (pressing the home button) such as Talking Carl. So I guess there is some way to hook that function and 'do things' before the app fully closes.
It could be the case, yes!
I wonder if it is possible to have the airvideoserver.exe become aware that the iphone client is no longer streaming or connected? and thus would be able to close the video file after a period of inactivity?
with 2.25b2 (not sure if it also affects earlier versions) running on Win7 x64, i find that after playing video files, copies of ffmpeg that were spawned by airvideoserver.exe are left running. Also, sometimes the file handles are not closed, even long after the iphone client has disconnected. This makes it difficult to move or delete videos until you quit & relaunch airvideoserver.

Yep thats what I did. No big deal, will wait for the update, thanks !
With the newly released Java JRE 6u18, I am getting this error from AirVideo when starting up:


any ideas?

Yes, well I am 99% sure the problem has been solved. It reminded me of another issue I had a while back with the ethernet driver and something called TCP Checksum Offloading, but that was on a different computer w/ a different ethernet adapter/driver. In any case, I found the setting in the "Advanced" tab of the Ethernet adapter properties under Device Manager. I believe this setting reduces CPU usage slightly during heavy network activity by allowing the microcontroller of the network adapater to calculate the CRC checksums of all the packets it sends out instead of requesting the CPU to do this work. No matter as I have a quite powerful quad-core CPU.

After disabling it, I was immediately able to stream from Airvideo without stutter or pause. I only did very limited testing but so far It seems to be fine now. Not sure if this will have any other side effects but I will report back if it does. Otherwise, hopefully this thread might help others having similar issues, as I believe this to be a common setting on many ethernet adapters. Why it only affected Air Video remains a mystery.
I think I've possibly figured out the source of the issue.
I will update shortly after confirming.
ok, well that at least explains that. I did download jwalker and it works. I am attaching 2 dumps here, 1 is from airvideo at idle, the other one while streaming a video. The video does stream but with very frequent pauses/buffering.

If this is helpful at all, let me know.
just some more notes: I attempted to run a completely different java program, and dump *it's* stack. This also resulted in a similar hang. So this seems like a more generalized java issue. Whether this all relates to my original streaming problem I am not sure. I am going to try again to reinstall java.
I quit & restarted AirVideoServer.exe, yes it did have a different PID. I attempted to re-run jstack while the server was idle. It again produced no result and simply hung. After issuing ctrl+C, the Airvideo server GUI was still responsive.
hmm.. is it at all significant that when I try to do the "jstack" command it just hangs?
I installed the JDK and ran jps, which resulted in:

while attempting to stream a video, I then executed the following command (from an elevated admin prompt):

the cmd window just hangs. The stack.txt file does get created but it's 0 bytes.

is this indicative of a greater problem?
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