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Messages posted by: jschuur
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thrang wrote:I did this, no difference.

The apple tv, after the update, says the software is version 4.2(2060), with no additional updates available.

Is this correct?

I believe it should read 4.3 and not 4.2. When I did this just yesterday, I needed to explicitly use the beta Apple TV firmware release from the Apple developer site, and not the one offered by the standard in-menu process. This involved connecting a Mac to the Apple TV via a USB-micro USB cable.

However, Apple just release 4.3 to the masses, including updates to iTunes and Safari, so maybe by the time you read this, the official release of the latest Apple TV firmware version will be out already. A quick way to test it would be to see if the virtual keyboard has changed. It should now be a portrait sized box on the left side of the screen and not the wider version on the bottom half of the screen from the previous firmware.

Update: Well this is weird. This story suggests that the latest Apple TV non beta firmware still calls itself '4.2'. I'm away from mine right now, so I can't verify it, but I'm pretty sure the beta I installed just last night turned up as '4.3' in the interface.
You need to be running both the new Air Video client release and the beta server release as well as the 4.3 iOS release.

In my own testing, before I updated to the new server, I was able to get video to work one time and then the iOS client needed to be killed explicitly for it to work again. Using the beta server fixed that problem for me.
Admin wrote:Are you running the latest Air Video Server beta version?

I wasn't during my early round of testing. Just installed it and it works perfectly now. I can stream both audio and video for repeated videos via AirPlay. Thanks for the reminder about the updated server version.

It didn't seem entirely plausible that I would need to update the server too, since I thought the client was doing all the AirPlay specific implementation, but it looks like the server still does something crucial to the process.

I did notice two issues:

When AirPlay is already playing video from one source (like an iPhone) and I try and broadcast another one from a different device (like an iPad), the Apple TV didn't seamlessly take over the new stream. Instead, it just stops playing back the first video and kicks back to the main menu on the Apple TV 2. I tried this using the YouTube client in 4.3 from 2 devices, and that worked, so this might be something in the Air Video client's implementation, and not simply a known AirPlay bug.

Also, trying to stream podcasts that were stored in iTunes and added to the Air Video Server via the iTunes playlist option doesn't work. The Apple TV 2 simply says 'An error occurred loading this content. Try again later.' and the Air Video client doesn't start playing the video either. In fact, this seems to be unrelated to AirPlay. While it'll default to using the previous AirPlay destination for new videos, even after I explicitly told the iOS client to play it bak on the device and not stream it using AirPlay, iTunes playlist served videos would not start or play back on my iPad or iPhone. Re-adding the playlist and restarting both the Air Video beta server and iTunes, as well as explicitly killing the Air Video client didn't make a difference here.
I just tried power cycling the Apple TV 2 and explicitly disabling and reenabling AirPlay on it, but still no video support.

I thought you might simply rely on the media player's inherent AirPlay support, but also thought your or someone else might be able to chime in on other dependencies (or bugs) that dictate whether iOS's own player attempts to even do video streaming.

Having just done some more testing, I found something even odder: on the iPhone (4.3 GM), I can stream audio & video exactly once via AirPlay and Air Video just fine. If I switch videos, after that I get only the speaker video icon in the AirPlay destination selection list indicating audio only. Only if I exit the app (explicitly, by tap & hold on the fast app switching bar and hitting the red minus) will it work again, but only once just as before until I kill the app fully again. On the iPad it never plays the video over AirPlay.
I just tried the latest Air Video iPad client update that added AirPlay support, but my Apple TV 2 only plays back the audio of the video, and not the video. If I select the airplay icon in the client's video player, there's a speaker icon next to the iPad and Apple TV 2 options, which presumably means it's going to only stream the audio.

AirPlay with the YouTube player on the other hand displays a screen icon next to the Apple TV 2 destination option and will send both video and audio just fine.

I'm a registered iOS developer, and I'm running the 4.3 GM seed on the iPad, as well as the most recent AppleTV firmware beta update to go along with it. However, even in the past, I've noticed that other third party apps like the Al-Jazeera one would only stream audio too, even before I began to run 4.3 firmware pre-releases.

I know that iOS 4.3 adds third party support for AirPlay, so I assumed that running the GM along with the new Air Video release and Apple TV beta firmware should make it all work, but no such luck. Is this not yet fully supported in the recent release?

There is some older discussion here and here from people not getting video to stream too, but it doesn't sound like they were running iOS 4.3.
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