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Messages posted by: elgatonl
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Author Message
Admin wrote:iPod 4 will work.

ok. Sorry if my posts are coming across as a bit bitchy but Air Video is one of the rare apps that I literally use all the time, every day (and paid good money to be able to do it). So you can imagine that I'm a bit upset now that the primary function (for me) doesn't work.
Admin wrote:If you are using firmware 4.3 then the next update should fix TV output for you.

So here you're saying that if i have 4.3 then the next update of Air Video will fix TV Out. I've had 4.3. since it came out and have been waiting for the "fix" in TV OUt that the new Air Video update was supposed to bring.

Now that I've updated the app, TV Out isn't working AT ALL!

Now you're saying that 4.3 actually breaks TV Out on the 3GS? Or what exactly are you saying?
So NOW that we have updated the app, to finally get some improvements, NOW you tell us that TV Out doesn't work on the 3GS? Why wouldn't you tell us that beforehand?
Before, it was far from perfect, but at least it sort of worked. Now the whole app is just totally useless to me.

And by the way, what does it have to do with the version of iOS I have? I was using Air Video with TV after the latest iOS update. It wasn't until I updated Air Video that TV Out stopped working…. What gives man?

So what about the iPod 4? Will the update also disable the TV out on that?

actually i totally understand the OP and others who are worried about converted files flying around and filling up hard drives, its actually awesome that Air Video does not actually save additional files anywhere during live conversion.

However… it just might be a good idea to add this as an option (feature). You see, I have a habit of storing all my video for later viewing and I prefer to have it all in a format suitable for iOS devices and iTunes.

So it would be great if I could set Air Video so it would actually save the converted file to my Macs hard drive after live conversion was completed (and perhaps an option to delete the original .avi file as well). that way i know that after watching a show the first time using live conversion, it is already converted and ready to be added to iTunes and stored on my network drive. Adding an additional option of having Air Video automatically delete the original file would be great too. Cosmopod has this and its great for keeping your hard drive free of unneeded files.


I've noticed that when watching a video using Air Video on my iPhone connected to my TV with an Apple AV cable, that the app cuts out the last 5-6 seconds of the video. It does this with all videos, although It only seems to do this when watching in this manner, not when watching on the iPhone screen itself.

This is in addition to the general bugs associated with TV out such as not being able to pause, rewind/FF or generally have any video control. However I've seen on this forum that this is a known problem that will be addressed.

The ability to watch videos from home while on the road over the internet (or just over wifi while in bed) is absolutely amazing and totally justifies buying this app. However, the primary reason I purchased Air Video was so that I could watch videos on my regular TV without having to convert first, or even sync.

While this function works more or less, there are enough drawbacks at the moment to make it useless for this purpose.

Maybe you guys should set up a blog or Facebook profile and keep us up to date on the current developments. Being able to follow would give us an idea on when we can expect our complaints to be addressed.

It does state in your free app that purchasing the paid app would support future developments. So maybe your could let us know how thats coming along.

Im watching an .avi from my MacBook, streamed to my iPhone (which is connected to my TV) over AirVideo. It works perfectly except for one thing. Every time I get an sms or a push notification, the video freezes. Because I am watching this on my TV, there are no controls on the iPhone to restart the video. So I have to close Air Video on my iPhone, and start the video from the beginning. Even though I am given the option to start from where I left off, it wont, it always starts from the beginning.
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