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Messages posted by: adrenalinda
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Hi everyone and first of all: thank you for the flowers

The list was just an early draft to allow somekind of overview. My intention was in the first place to submit own feature requests, which then led me to provide the list you know. OS impact should be handled either as category or feature attribute. How it is solved I yet have no clue. I am going to provide an updated version of the feature list to help sustain this still very young community.

I think people should be patient with their expectations and feature requests as I always honor developers offering the opportunity to their customers to directly get in touch with them. This is no playground, but professional engineering. Means in other words, that if a service like this is provided, it should be maintained as we know from highest standards: organized and with moderators providing some sort of guidance. Until this maturitylevel is reached, it's simply called 'help yourself'.

If anyone would like to join me trying to keep track of the features, that would be great. Another step would be to define rules for requesting features. A basic one would be to describe what you need and not how it sboukd be implemented. I'll try to post examples about right and wrong (as there are plenty of in this forum). The benefit goes towards the developers, who get a much more clear picture about customer needs.

Offtopic: thanks for the new release!

Cheers, adre

ps. apologies for any typos, damn phone keyboards
hi there, maybe an idea about an available movie library on iphone: http://mediaplayersite.com/iSkin - obviously its intended for other purposes, but would cover a couple of requested features for an already almost perfect product. Has to be generated offline, but who cares, if it looks good on the iphone the setup however, is not really userfriendly, but as a suggestion worth a look.
Dear all

you made me crazy with all the postings. Everytime i found some feature request, somebody posted it somewhere. I've got my wishes too, but am too tired now to put them into the forum: in the meanwhile i got a collection of features requested throughout this topic. It might help. Some are already solved, other were requested differently, but basically were meaning the same thing. Some I completely didn't understand. However, I hope this helps.

I am sorry if I didn't get someones request: it wasn't on purpose. I also picked the ones, that sound completely nonsense to me. I hope it helps all that follow. I tried to categorize, but it became more and more difficult, as some features might not be best solved on clientside or viceversa. The list is not sorted very well, as some requests impact eachother. but hey, nobody is perfect and it was a goodwill job. Where I found a developer statement, i tried to insert it as well.

requested client features:
- client shall remember lasst screen gui, meaning start air video client where you left it (announced)
- client shall provide bookmarking of favorites (announced)
- client shall provide a search video function (tricky one)
- client shall allow to boost the volume of a video (announced)
- client shall provide audio only without providing the movie (dismissed, no real need)
- client shall be able to delete files on source (dismissed, security issue)
- client shall provide basic file management [cut, copy, move] (dismissed, security issue)
- client shall provide fast forward, rewind functions (open)
- client shall provide [realtime?] image adjust (open)
- client shall provide video bitrate at seek screen (uncertain)
- client shall be able to shutdown server remotely (open)
- client shall be able to sleep server remotely (open)
- client shall be able to wake server remotely (open)
- client shall load server automatically if only one server is available by skipping server selection
- client shall allow alphabetic scroll listing [like in the default iphone contacts app]
- client shall provide coverflow ability when browsing files
- client shall display last modification date of the file
- client shall provide hidden GUI controls while playing a video for stepping forward, pause, backwards
- client shall allow to send multiple files to conversion queue
- client shall provide a sorting list within folders [name, date, file size, type]
- client shall display a buffer bar [to show stream precedence towards current play] (done)
- client shall be made available for various platforms [win, osx, lin] (open)
- client shall provide portrait and landscape videoplay
- client shall provide history, much like web browsers
- client shall mark watched / unwatched movies as such

requested server features:
- server shall provide GPU, instead of CPU driven conversion (open)
- server shall provide offline encoding option to start conversion without client (open)
- server shall allow conversion of .vob files (partly supported, officially unsupported)
- server shall allow multiple simultaneous audiostream conversion (open)
- server shall provide ability to stream music (open)
- server shall provide ability to stream photos (open)
- server shall allow to stream i-net flash movies (open)
- server shall provide user maintenance / role creation and management (details to follow)
- server shall offer interface to convert files without client (drag'n'drop, browse)
- server shall display connections and usage statistics [which user, which file, period, datacount]

requested generic features:
- generic: ability to define which frame of the movie is used as a thumbnail (open)
- generic: ability to define [upload? iphone gallery?] a cover for the movie as a thumbnail (open)
- generic: ability to define a default server, which is instantly loaded at client start
- generic: ability to define output folder for conversion
- generic: ability to create a movie library with e.g. imdb connection to tag the files
- generic: ability to define forward / rewind jumps in seconds (if not offered realtime)
- generic: ability to adjust bitrate dynamically based on network conditions
- generic: ability to sort the conversion queue
- generic: ability to download converted movies to the iphone remotely (WiFi)
- generic: ability to lock selected files / directories with a password
- generic: ability for psp conversion output
- generic: multithreading is requested to convert multiple movies simultaneously [2cpu and above]
- generic: ability to schedule conversions
- generic: ability to tag files manually
- generic: provide a view, which displays only converted files

requested performance features:
- performance: folder listing sometimes reacts slowly with various seconds of delay
- performance: allow to set low, mid, high priority for conversion process
- performance: do not limit the log. use all HDD if necessary
- performance: support of transport stream
- performance: ability to limit bandwith [server, user]

requested os specific feature
- OS: ability to deactivate icon on menubar OSX

My request to the developers: Please create a separate board for the features, maybe offering a single thread per feature, this would be a great benefit for everyone, as well as easy browseable.

That said, I'm just a fan and love the app. Definitely worth buying, the enjoy-per-cash ratio is outstanding and it's easy to use and maintain. Pure fun. 5 ***** on appstore incl. review from my side. The list above is provided in the first place, because things i bugged you guys for in the review were already on its way.

Cheers, Adre
Would be awesome, it's just my first post, but I think placed well in this topic. Call it a vote for the petition
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