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Messages posted by: RodgerWW
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Author Message
Just downloaded and installed the iOS update (2.4.12) [iOS 6] and running server 2.4.6-b3 on iMac with ML 10.8.2

On an iPod Touch 4thGen, the rotation is 'broken'.

IF I set the Workarounds setting:
"Direct Streaming Player Interface" to "Apple (No TV Out)"
and play a file, stop it, it will make the airvideo interface landscape, and no manner of rotation of the device will set it back to portrait. I actually am forced to close the app completely, then reload to get the main interface back to portrait.

IF I set the above option to "Regular" the 'issue' SEEMS to be resolved.

ALSO, since iOS 6, with previous version of app as well as newest: I can almost always make the app crash when selecting "Play with Live Conversion"... then while video is playing, tap on "Done". This is with Global Settings option "H.264 Video Passthrough" set ON.
NOTE: ALL of my videos are H.264/AAC (m4v or mp4)

With the new app on iOS the crashing problem is not as 'consistant'. That is to say, sometimes tapping "Play" instead of "Play with Live Conversion" and while video is playing tap "Done" ... might also make the app crash.

With the previous version of the app, under iOS6, on iPod Touch ... pressing "Play" would always work fine. I could press 'Done" mid-way through a video and it would never crsh the app.

Basically ... whatever was done recently (iOS App 2.4.12) seems to have caused MORE issues for me personally under iOS6 ... and they are a bit harder to pin down.
cashix wrote:I use Mountain lion and the "Start at Login" preference is not saved, when i restart my mac, AirVideo Sever app doesn't start at login.
Please fix this.

I also have this issue in Mountain Lion. For now I'm just adding it manually in startup items in system prefs.
Tiny thing perhaps, but THANK YOU for modifying the menubar icon for OSX ... now I don't have to modify it myself because it actually looks good now.
Izzy, relax ... With everything that is coming out from Apple (soon) and the competition abounding in this particular area of software development, the Air Video folks have a lot on their hands. To DATE, it's still an incredibly reliable bit of code and I actually have tried all of them, and even Apple's home sharing. Nothing compares, so far, to Air Video.

TRY to keep this in mind ... video streaming and serving is NOT as easy as making an app that makes fart sounds. If it was, I personally would have already come out with the killer app for serving media to devices. ALAS, I am reliant on those who know a BIT more about coding such things and can't complain.
So Apple released iTunes 10.5.2 ... I was hoping they would have addressed bonjour issues but alas, no. Still unable to share iTunes library with iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4.

For anyone else reading this you COULD get original functionality back IF you were willing to install an older version of iTunes and also and older firmware (before 5) on your devices. Thing is, you need to install an older iTunes to be able to restore your firmware to one before 5.

For me, I do not NEED to share iTunes libraries, and AirVideo DOES work with Server PIN or Manual Address, so I'm going to just wait for apple to fix bonjour ... HOPEFULLY in the next iOS update.
I was thinking exactly the same thing ... Apple issue. At any rate, thanks for the quick responses ... makes me glad I spent money on your awesome app for each device I use it on ... keep up the great work!
Ok, I tried enabling iTunes home sharing. It does work for my wife's iPad 2, but I can not get my shared library to show up at all on my iPod Touch 4G.
Occasionally my iPod Touch 4th Gen will have problems finding the server over wifi. My wife's iPad2 has had no issues finding the server over wifi. I am wondering if someone can provide insight to the phenomenon.

My stuff:
iMac 27" (May 2011) Running 10.7.2
iPod Touch 4th Gen iOS 5.01
iPod App, just updated today to latest
iTunes 10.5.1 (42) if that matters at all
Currently running server 2.4.5-beta7 but have also had issues with 2.4.3 gold/final
Router (only 1) Linksys E3000 (port forwarded manually, but seems not to matter with or without forwarding of the port)

So, when I press the + to add server (on iPod Touch), USUALLY it will just automatically see the iMac. But recently it will just show the Loading bar at the bottom and sit like that for ages. In order to view anything on my mac I have to either use the Server PIN method or Specify Address Manually, as they both work. It just seems kind of sloppy.
The wi-fi works fine on the iPod.

I have tried completely removing the app from iTunes/iPod, re-downloading and re-installing etc. I have also completely removed the server from the iMac, basically starting from scratch with different versions of the server and setting up manual forwarding on the router etc. Nothing seems to work. About 4 days ago, I tried adding a server in the app and it found the iMac and I did not even DO anything! Today, it can't find it, once again, I haven't done anything to alter any settings!
Yes, there was something messed up seriously on my end. I essentially started from scratch with networking on my iMac ... rebooted everything, modem/router/iMac ... and all is well again!

LOVE AV/AVS ... please do NOT ever stop developing them!!
All of a sudden AV on my iPod touch is having issues connecting to the AVServer (2.4.5-beta6) in Lion.

When I launch AV on my iPod, and try to search for the server it can't find it. But, if I enter in the IP or the server pin all is ok.
I only have 1 router, and the iPod and iMac are on the same local network. I can even get to the server from the iPod using Safari.

I have not updated anything, installed Lion when it came out, but all was fine until today.

I've tried removing the app from the iPod, re-downloading and installing it, also tried removing AVS from the iMac and reinstalling it.
I've tried forwarding the port in the router (even though I didn't have to before) ... all to no avail.

So, what's going on?! Am I stuck putting in the specific IP now whereas before it simply found "iMac"?
I too would like this 'option' implemented.
Poster frame support would be good too ... metadata.
I change all of my movies' icons in OSX to poster images. iTunes and Quicktime and a multitude of other apps can read the poster frames fine.
First off, THANK YOU for a wonderful app! I use it everyday, literally, and out of all the ones I've tried, Air Video is my favorite.

I do have a few minor issues. First being the bounce when scrolling. After the bounce, the entries do not settle to the absolute bottom like I think they should ... leaving the dark background showing ... as shown below:

My second and third issue (feature?) is shown below:

I would like the ability to have a single sized font for all my titles. Short titles are bigger than longer titles and that throws me off visually.

Also, out of curiosity, as I am not an app developer, why with the 7 titles shown, can we not have even rows between the top and the bottom blue bars in the app. This isn't the only place row cropping is present in the app, but, visually, I would prefer a pixel perfect 7 rows, or 5 or 6 (whichever fits vertically in the display) so no row is cropped.


Again, thank you for a magnificent app that I was more than happy to have purchased and use EVERY day!
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