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Messages posted by: darcilicious
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LOL! Well, damn, when I saw iTunes playlist I just naturally thought of audio files. Heh. Thanks for clearing THAT up
I've got Air Video Server and iTunes 9.0.3 installed on one computer but all my audio files are stored on our WHS box. I've successfully added all those audio files to iTunes (via \\whs\music etc) but there are no local copies of the files stored where Air Video (or iTunes) are installed.

I've created a playlist in iTunes and can play it just fine in iTunes.

I've added the same playlist to Air Video Server and I can see it on my iPhone with the AirVideo client; however, it's completely empty even though iTunes shows it having 186 songs.

Can AirVideo support this sort of setup -- with the actual audio files being on a different system?
AppleMobile wrote:Does anyone have any recommendations for an App to stream music (audio); i.e. - my iTunes music?
I use SimplifyMedia -- on a PC. It won't stream DRM'd music (e.g. protected acc files from the iTunes store) but on the plus side, if you can get all your friends to install it too, you can stream their music libraries as well. LOVE THIS APP.

Admin wrote:
Can you try copying it on your harddrive and then stream it with beta 2 server (link posted today in announcements)?

Just a note that copying the (converted) file to another location has resulted in the client no longer recognizing it as a converted file; at that point, "live conversion" results in the same message. Reconverting the previously converted file with default settings results in the same error message. Quicktime can also play the file fine.

Copying over the original .ts file to the hard drive and converting (default settings) results in the message as well.
Admin wrote:
darcilicious wrote:
Any thoughts why Quicktime can play the converted .TS file but it can't be streamed via Air Video?

Can you try copying it on your harddrive and then stream it with beta 2 server (link posted today in announcements)?

Will try this in a few, thanks!
mogway wrote:I test it with various files and resolutions and the default settings on the iPhone.
And which resolutions and file types are you finding that work?

In this case you can play on your iPhone with the conversion settings:
* decrease Target Resolution
* decrease Video Quality

Yes, I'm using the lowest resolution and quality possible on an xvid file with full strength 3G signal. Plenty of buffering. I'd like to know more about what's working for you if you care to share
Admin wrote:Where are you TS files located?
On an HP Personal Media Drive (in the personal media drive bay, but it's essentially a warm-swappable USB drive). I can try one out on a hard drive...

Any thoughts why Quicktime can play the converted .TS file but it can't be streamed via Air Video?
For what it's worth, I've seen as similar problem, just not with as many ffmpeg procesess... I can also send a thumbnail generation log file if that would be useful (running on Vista)
mogway wrote:Streaming over 3G works here for me.

I'm curious: What kind of files/resolutions are you getting to stream over 3G? I can't seem to convert to a low enough resolution to get 3G streaming to work without stalling every minute or so.
Just finished converting a relatively small .ts file. I can play it in Quicktime on the computer but the iPhone app says: This movie format is not supported.
First, just found about your software today and so far, it's looking pretty good! I've gone ahead and upgraded to the beta already and have this feedback:

1) Better buffering over 3G. I have a full signal currently and can't get even a converted file to play without stalling about every minute or so. Over wifi, converted and non-converted files play like a dream

2) Support for streaming .ts files (e.g. from HD-PVR). I have the 2.1.0 beta server installed on an AMD 9500 quad core 2.2GHz system and I get the message that my computer may be to slow to be able to convert this video live -- do you want to continue? Also at this point, there are two active ffmpeg processes even though I haven't tapped "continue" yet -- I think one may have been left over from browsing a folder with 20+ .ts files and trying to create thumbnails for them (which didn't look that great).

After tapping "continue", I get the "buffering" message for about a minute or so while averaging around 70% processor use; then a "This movie format is not supported." message. At this point, there is still one ffmpeg process running at about 32% but I'm not actively viewing any videos at this point.

I then browsed to another .ts file in the same folder to try converting -- got two more ffmpeg processes running and the client was stuck "loading" the file info.

So I quite the app and killed all three ffmpeg processes.

3) Generally playing around quite a bit tonight, I ended up with three ffmpeg processes running even after I quit the app and didn't have an conversions in process. They were sucking up about 75% or more of my processor.

Let me know if there's anything more I can provide.

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