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Messages posted by: Syth
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Ah, right. I see what you mean. I suppose that's a bit too annoying for most people then.
Admin wrote:Portrait playback for current Air Video client is not a small fix. Current Air Video application was not designed to play video in portrait mode and implementing that would mean rewrite of player user interface. We have only had handful of requests so far for portrait playback on iPhone so it didn't seem feasible to spend time rewriting the current player interface.

The next version will have portrait playback support. The client is finished, we're working now to make the server shippable so that we can start with public beta testing.

Please watch your tone. We're not lying about anything.

Here is a request that you do not add this.It is horribly annoying and I hate it every time that YouTube decides to rotate my video. Seriously, this is a horrible idea. If, for some reason, you lose your minds and add this anyway, please allow a pref to disable it (and no, I don't want to have to lock the rotation on my entire device).
Admin wrote:This is a bit tricky as we'd have to list all sub folders when loading parent folder to see if there are any playable items. It might slow down the loading quite a lot.

A folder that has folders in it is not empty. I just want the option so that folders with no items in them are not shown. I don't want AirVideo to traverse the folders lower than the current check. All I want is if the current UI it says "Fred (0)" that there is an option for Fred not be displayed.
I'd like the option for Air Video to not show empty folders to the clients.
josh.hofer wrote:It would be super helpful if you guys had a Twitter account and Tweeted as new server beta updates,iPhone versions where released/etc etc.

Just a thought

It would also be super helpful if twitter support could be integrated into the server software. I use the twitter support in SickBeard and it really helps (I have a special account that is private just for tweeting status updates and then my regular account sees them in the timeline)/

Events that I would like to be able to send notifications on twitter would be: encoding queue events, start playing events, and crash events.
OnYX74 wrote:Hi guys, just wanted to add that I got the exact same problem.

Invalid files, radom everywere in my "Series" section, came from nowhere.
I know that all files were ok just 1 month ago when i got a new hdd and moved all tvshows to it.

Hope to find a solution...dont wanna DL all again. :/

I had checked the files several times with rsync and it showed that the files on my two raids were identical. However, in at least one case they are not. It takes a while to run a diff on two 4.7 GB files, especially when one is on the network, so I've only checked the one.

Also, the file I checked would not play at ALL on the windows machine in VLC.

So, I think there was probably some widespread corruption going on in my initial rsync of the vide files and despite thinking I had two identical raids, I did not. I am going to put the raid back on my Mac, resync everything with an rsync -ac and see if that clears up the issues.
Put them in a new folder and installed latest beta. No joy.
7.4.5-beta 7
I have a drive that I used for AirVideo on my Mac. I recently connected that drive to my W7 machine (using MacDrive) and a lot of the video files are showing up as invalid. Not all of them, just a lot of them. For example, S01E01 of Sherlock, but not the other 5 episodes. The 3 most recent Futuramas, but none of the rest from Season 7 or 6, 2 episodes out of 15 of America's Got Talent.

I don't see any pattern. COuld it be a codec issue?

(I can't reformat the drive, it is on W7 as a temporary measure while I do some 'real work' on the Mac
Admin wrote:
Hi, the development is definitely not stalled, there are many new things coming, but the update will not be just incremental so it will take a while.

Please take your time, I don't want anything rushed and I've been very happy with the stability of the builds to date. Do it right, do it well, do it in your own time.
Hmm. We have a lot of devices that connect to AirVideo, at least on occasions. (there are 4 iPhones, 4 iPads, and two iPod touches, not to mention a friend of mine has access to my air video also, and has at least three devices he might use). I don't think it's a good idea to simply leave those processes running for days or weeks. Hours? sure. Maybe even 24 hours or so might be reasonable (assuming this si the source of the 'do you want to resume or start over dialog), but permanent? That seems a bit much.
Right, but one of those processes was over a week old at the time. Right now there's a process that is six hours old for a 90 minute video. What is considered active and when does AV drop a stream as abandoned?
After having Air Video up and running for a few weeks I see that there are a bunch of extra ffmpeg processes left running on my machine:

only the last one listed was actually active, but the only way to get rid of them all was to stop the server and then killall -0 ffmpeg

Running 2.4.5-beta7 on OS X 10.7.3
Admin wrote:How many items do you have in that folder? Does it work if there are only few videos?

There are 30 folders in the share I am trying to access. This folders contain various numbers of video files. There are no video files at the root. Another folder that doesn't work contains 64 video files and 6 folders.
Running AirVideo Server on Windows 7 with a custom port (to not interfere with the AVS running on my Mac). I have several network locations mapped to drive letters in windows 7 (like X: is pointing at a network location containing movie files).

The trouble is, despite these folders showing up in AVS's list, when I try to enter them, I get no files or folders listed, just a spinngy wait cursor that never goes away. Eventually, there is an error and I dutifully click on 'report'.

Same behavior on my iPhone 4S and my iPad 2. AVS 2.4.5-beta 7 under windows 7 (x64) Ultimate SP1

OK, a little more info.

I have a mount point :U which points at another windows machine and THAT woks in air video. The mounts that are pointing at my Macs drives do no, even though they work fine in windows. So I can open a file on X: and play it, but I cannot even open X: in AVS, even though U: works apparently the same in Windows and does work in AVS.
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