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Messages posted by: Scott R
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I just reread this thread and the user posting as "alexprogress" provided a more succinct description/suggestion than my much wordier reply. The bottom line is that AirVideo plays WTV files just fine, it just needs to have a little bit of extra intelligence to deal with TV shows that are still in the progress of being recorded, such that it checks/refreshes the runtime. As alexprogress stated, you could code it such that it checks it once and if the runtime didn't change, it wouldn't need to bother re-checking ever again, but if the runtime changed since the last time it checked it would know that it should re-check it again in another 60 seconds (or whatever interval makes sense).
Thanks for the quick response. I'm not sure that there's any way that I can provide you with a test file, because the problem is with TV shows that are still in the progress of being recorded. Once a TV show has completed, the files can be opened/played just fine. The problem is that when a show is in-progress, AirVideo doesn't have an accurate gauge of the running time of the show. So, for example, if I am recording (via Windows Media Center) a 30 minute show, I can fire up AirVideo on my iPhone after 5 minutes and start playing the show. However, AirVideo thinks that the total runtime of the show is 5 minutes (which is all there is at that moment in time). After watching the show successfully for 5 minutes, AirVideo will abruptly stop playing the file and I'll get kicked back to the previous screen. However, in the 5 minutes that I had been spending watching the show, Windows Media Center had now recorded an additional 5 minutes of material, so the file length is now actually 10 minutes long (and still going).

So I believe that what you need to do to fix/enhance the experience is to have AirVideo (either on the server side or client side or both) do some periodic polling/refreshing of the source file to see if the runtime has changed since the point in time that the user initially started playing the file with AirVideo and, if it has, to refresh the timeline. Going back to the example I provided, I could start up my still-in-progress-of-being-recorded 30 minute TV show (which has only recorded 5 minutes of material so far) and AirVideo would correctly show a timeline of 5 minutes, but as I started watching it, the end point of the timeline would periodically get refreshed, so that after 5 minutes, it would now show a total runtime length of 10 minutes, and I could keep watching the show uninterrupted until it actually ends (30 minutes total).

Let me know if there's anything else I can provide.
Bumping this. Will this be fixed in the upcoming version?
Bumping this. No one else has any interest in pseudo-live TV via AirVideo? It seems like this would be a super-easy feature enhancement.
I have a feature request: I would like for the AirVideo client app to automatically refresh the time bar for .WTV files so as to accommodate Windows Media Center recordings that are in-progress. Currently, if I have a TV show set to record that is 30 minutes long and it has only recorded 5 minutes of the show so far, I can use AirVideo to start playing the show, but the time bar will show 5 minutes. If I don't fast-forward or skip, once it hits that 5 minutes it will stop, even though the actual recording on my server is now 5 minutes farther ahead (10 minutes total). If AirVideo could do some behind-the-scenes refreshing of the runtime of the .WTV recording, it could keep the time bar constantly updated/accurate.
I had been playing around with the free version on occasion, but I decided to go ahead and pay the $3 for the full version. I would greatly appreciate an update which does what the others here have requested (refreshing the recording time information periodically) so as to make this usable for watching just slightly delayed Live TV.
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